Medical Degree Program in China - Pediatric Dentistry

 1. Introduction

Pediatric Dentistry contains the diagnosis and treatment principles of clinical common disease, like children caries, pulpitis, apical periodontal disease, dental trauma, periodontal disease and common mucosal diseases. It is a branch of oral medicine to study the growth and development, health care and disease prevention and treatment of oral organs from the fetus to the adolescent.

2. Training Objectives
Students should have a comprehensive understanding of the general picture of pediatric dentistry and be familiar with the teeth characteristics and exceptions in the growth and development of each period. Master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of pediatric dentistry. Master the etiology, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common clinical diseases and lay a good foundation for the further study and research.

3. Categories of Pediatric Dentistry
(1) Development morphology and histology of the primary teeth
(2) Examination of the mouth and other relevant structures
(3) Growth of the face and dental arches
(4) Genetic of oral diseases and genetic counseling
(5) Dental caries in the child
(6) Operative treatment and clinical prevention of dental caries
(7) Dental injuries in children and adolescent
(8) Pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry
(9) Gingivitis periodontal disease and mucosal disease in children and adolescent
(10) Development abnormality of the teeth and treatment
(11) Space management for growing dentition
(12) Early orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition
(13) Local anesthesia and tooth extraction
(14) Syndromes with unusual oral finding
(15) Postnatal stem cells from human dental pulp

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