Medical Degree Program in China - Pediatrics

 1. Introduction

Pediatrics is a comprehensive medical science that studies children’s physical and mental development, health care and disease prevention and control. The health and hygiene problems of children and adolescents are all in the range of Pediatrics. The treatment object is in the growth and development stage.
2. Training Objectives
Pediatrics is to cultivate medical professionals that continually explore the theory of pediatric medicine, to reduce morbidity and mortality on the basis of practice, to enhance children's physique, improve the level of child health care and disease prevention.
3. Discipline Scope
Pediatrics is the two class of clinical medicine, and the research object is disciplinarian of development about the child from the fetus to the adolescent. It is a medical science to study the growth and development of children, improve the level of physical and mental health of children and the quality of disease prevention and control.
Scientific research of Pediatrics is from the development of physical and mental health and the prevention and treatment of the disease from the fetus to the adolescent children. There are child care, neonatal, respiratory, cardiovascular, blood, kidney, nerve, endocrine and metabolism, immune and digestive infection, and other professional emergency pediatric surgery. Each subject also has the close relation and basic medical disciplines such as physiology, biochemistry, pathology, genetics and molecular biology.
4. System Division
The Pediatrics divided respiration, digestion, circulation, nerve, blood, kidney, endocrine, metabolism, immune genetic and neonatal medicine etc.. In addition to infectious diseases and emergency medicine, although it is similar to internal medicine in the classification, but the research content and the inherent disciplinarian of adults and the difference is quite big, not to be confused or alternative
5. Main Courses
Basic theory courses: physiology, pathology, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, medical genetics, medical statistics, clinical epidemiology, application of electronic computer and basic medical courses related to research subjects.
Professional courses: pediatric and internal medicine professional courses related to research topics.
The main subject of pediatrics: internal medicine, surgery, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, etc.
6. Employment Prospects
Pediatrics graduates mainly go to medical and health units, medical research departments engaged in medical treatment, prevention, medical research and other aspects.

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