Peking University

English Medium Programs in Peking University, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium: 

 - Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs







2. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs in English Medium:

- Duration: 1-2 years

Details please read at Master Degree Programs

1)Public Administration

2)International Relations 

3)Public Policy 

4)China Studies

5)International Affairs 

6)International MBA 

7)Chinese Law 

3. Doctoral Degree/PHD Programs in English Medium:

- Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Doctoral Degree Programs 

1)Aerospace Engineering

2)General Mechanics and Foundation of Mechanics

3)Solid Mechanics

4)Fluid Mechanics

5)Engineering Mechanics

6)Biomechanics and Mechanical Engineering

7)Dynamics and Control

8)Energy and Resources Engineering

9)Advanced Materials and Mechanics

10) Biomedical Engineering

11) Management Science and Engineering

12) Organizational behavior and human resources management

13) Marketing

14) Strategic management


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