Medical Degree Program in China - Pharmaceutical Engineering

 1. Introduction

Pharmaceutical Engineering is a cross discipline of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, (Chinese pharmacy) and engineering, in order to cultivate the talents who can be engaged in drug manufacturing and the development, expanding and design of new technology, new equipment and new varieties.

2. Related Industries

Pharmaceutical engineering is closely related to the pharmaceutical industry, including traditional chemical pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and drug preparation, some medicine intermediates production enterprises, health care products manufacturing enterprises are also related with pharmaceutical engineering. Due to human health gets more and more attention globally, "drug" as one of the most important commodity to ensure human health gets more and more attention, higher demands for the varieties, quality and effect of medicine are put forward. And with the improvement of people's living standards, the importance of the drug will be greatly increased.

3. Main Subjects

Chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, biological engineering, pharmacy

4. Major Courses

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical principle, modern molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical engineering principle and equipment, drug synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacy, natural medicine chemistry, applied spectrum analysis and pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical and medical polymer materials separation engineering, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical equipment and the workshop design (pharmaceutical engineering training), management of pharmacy, pharmaceutical marketing, some pharmaceutical disciplines include pharmaceutical botany, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and science, analysis of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine.

5. Practice Teaching

Basic experiment of pharmaceutical engineering, understanding practice, production practice, course design, graduation thesis or design, computer application and operating a computer

Main professional experiments: chemical pharmaceutical, natural products pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical engineering experiments focusing on traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy

6. Employment Prospect

Pharmaceutical engineering graduates can go to pharmaceutical engineering (or pharmaceutical biotechnology) related production enterprises, marketing enterprises, scientific research units, pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative department and other units engaged in drug production, management, marketing, inspection and supervision, and research and development work.


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