Medical Pharmacy Degree Program in China - Pharmacy

1. Introduction

Pharmacy is the health care industry that connects the health science and chemistry. It bears the responsibility to ensure the safe and effective use of drug. Pharmacy mainly studies the source, processing, properties, function, analysis, identification, allocation, production, storage of drug and search (including synthesize) new drug, etc. The main task is to continue to provide more effective drug and improve the quality of drug, to ensure drug safety, so that patients can be treated or cured in the most effective way with the smallest harm.

2. Main Subjects and Courses

Core Disciplines

Pharmacy, chemistry, biology, medicine

Main course

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analysis chemistry (chemical analysis, instrumental analysis), physical chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and immunology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical botany, introduction to traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine commodity science, pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicology analysis, analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, in vivo drug analysis, gene engineering, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical administration, drug synthesis, in addition in the colleges and universities of Chinese medicine also opened in pharmacy, chemistry of traditional Chinese medicine, science of processing of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine pharmacology, pharmacy of Chinese materia medica

Main practical teaching

Including the production practice, graduation thesis design, the normal plan is about 22 weeks.

3. Training Objectives

The students should master the basic theory and basic knowledge of pharmacy, and receive the basic training of scientific research methods and skills. Have a solid foundation and a broad range of professional knowledge. Pharmacy is to cultivate senior scientific and technical personnel who can be engaged in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, drug evaluation, clinical rational drug use, pharmaceutical management, drug research and development, pharmaceutical production and management and so on.

4. Requirements

Pharmacy students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of pharmacy sub disciplines; receive the basic training in pharmacy experiment method and skill, equipped with the basic abilities in drug preparation, quality control evaluation and guiding rational drug use.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theory of pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis and basic knowledge;

2). Master the basic methods and techniques of drug preparation, quality control, drug interaction, and pharmacodynamics and drug safety evaluation;

3). Be with the ability of preliminary design, selection of drug analysis methods, and the ability to participate in clinical rational drug use;

4). Be familiar with the regulations and policies of the pharmacy management and basic knowledge of marketing;

5). Know the development trends of modern pharmacy;

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability.

5. Employment Prospects

Pharmacy graduates has a comprehensive quality and strong ability of sustainable development, can be engaged in drug synthesis, drug formulation, drug testing, production and marketing of drug, drug research development and quality control work, and pharmaceutical research, management and teaching.

Graduates can work in technical positions, management positions in hospital pharmacy, drug preparation room, pharmaceutical factories, Medicines Co, Institutes of Drug Control, etc.

Social demand for pharmaceutical talents is increasing, the pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, especially after the improvement of living standards, people's demand for health care products is increasing, and pharmaceutical professionals are becoming more and more popular by enterprises. And biochemical drug is a new and cutting-edge industry, the development prospects are very good.

Pharmacy graduates are mainly engaged various types of drug development, research, production quality assurance and rational drug use in the pharmaceutical factory and pharmaceutical research units, a lot of graduates are also engaged in drug sales agents


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