Medical Degree Program in China - Pharmacy Administration

 1. Introduction

Pharmacy Administration is a newly emerging discipline, refers to in order to ensure citizen medication being safe, effective, economical, reasonable, convenient and timely, in the macroscopic state, the state passes legislation in accordance with the Constitution, the government implements relevant laws in accordance with the law, formulates and implements relevant regulations, rules, and in the micro view, the pharmaceutical organization carries out necessary management on pharmaceutical activities by implementing relevant management measures in accordance with the law, including the self-discipline management of professional morality.

2. Purpose and Significance
Management Purpose
To ensure drug use being safe, effective, economical, reasonable, convenient, timely, and constantly improve the national health level, and constantly improve the economic and social benefit levels of the pharmaceutical organization.
Management Significance
For the public: pharmacy administration is the necessary and effective means to guarantee citizen medication being safe, effective, economical, reasonable, convenient and timely and to guarantee the health.
For the state: the protection of citizens' health is the responsibility of the state regulated by the constitution.
For pharmaceutical organization: macroscopical pharmacy administration provides legal basis, legal standards and procedures for the micro pharmacy administration of the pharmaceutical organization.
3. Management Content
Macro Pharmacy Administration
Drug supervision and administration
Basic drug administration
Drug reserve management
The drug price management
The medical insurance drug use and designated drugstore management
Micro Pharmacy Administration
Drug research and development quality management
Drug production quality management
Drug management quality management
The pharmacy service quality management
The drug reserve management
The drug price management
The medical insurance drug use sales management
4. Training Objectives
Pharmacy Administration is to cultivate senior applied talents equipped with pharmaceutical, management, economic knowledge and ability who can be engaged in pharmaceutical administration and enterprise management, analysis, planning and teaching, scientific research and other work at various kinds of pharmaceutical industrial and commercial enterprises, supervision and management of drug and related institutions.
5. Main Courses
Clinical medicine outline, outline of basic medicine, pharmacy administration, economics, management, pharmacy outline, accounting, financial management, pharmacy enterprise management, TCM pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine commodity science, pharmaceutics of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine processing and manufacture, pharmacology, TCM pharmacology, operations research, international trade, human resources management, enterprise development strategy and enterprise culture, etc.

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