Philosophy Degree Program in China - Philosophy of Science and Technology

1. Introduction

Philosophy of Science and Technology is an important branch discipline of philosophy, mainly studies the general law in the nature, basic methods of science and technology activities and philosophy problems in the development, interaction between science and technology and society. As science and technology activities have become independent social activities, therefore, the study and research of science and technology as a single object has an important role in the development of science and technology.

Philosophy of science and technology, originally called the natural dialectics, its research mainly includes the history of science and technology, philosophy mathematics, mathematics philosophy, philosophy of engineering, technical philosophy, technical economics and other disciplines.

2. Research Content

Natural philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, philosophy of engineering and scientific method theory basic research, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, astronomy, philosophy, philosophy of chemistry and philosophy, philosophy of medicine (including medical dialectical law and medical ethics content), philosophy of biology and applied research. On the science and social science, science and religion, science, technology and society (STS), history of scientific thought and communication, scientific ethics, ecological philosophy, environmental philosophy, philosophy of economics, philosophy of mathematics, and various industries, the industry in the field of philosophy and method, science and technology policy and development strategy is the scope of philosophy of science and technology.

3. Two Major Traditions

Natural Dialectics

First, in theory insists the German classical natural philosophy in nineteenth century

Second, with the ideological status as the legitimacy, and therefore always have beyond the academic community resources.

Third, pay close attention to the social reality, pay close attention to the development of science and technology.

Philosophy of Science

First, from the ideological trend, against Hagel's speculative natural philosophy, advocates logical analysis, focuses on the scientific philosophy of positivism.

Second, refuses ideological, emphasizing the autonomy of subjects.

Third, pay attention to the discipline construction, the research field of convergence.

4. Training Objectives

The program trains specialized personnel with science and technology, management, economics, science and technology philosophy and other aspects knowledge. And the graduates should have certain innovative ability and practical operation ability, can be engaged in the government organs, enterprises, social organizations for scientific and technological management and scientific research work.

5. Main Courses

Philosophy of science and technology, science and technology management, science and technology and social development, scientific understanding of the thought history, science and technology innovation culture, philosophy of science and technology readings, science and technology policy formulation, the history of western philosophy, philosophy of science and technology frontier lecture, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

(1) Science and technology management posts of the administrative organs;

(2) Management of enterprise units;

(3) Teaching and scientific research work of college and university, scientific research department;

(4) News worker (news supervisor).


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