Medical Degree Program in China - Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, also called Physiotherapy, is a specialized subject studying application of physical factors acting on the human body to improve the health level, to realize health care, prevention and treatment of diseases, to promote body rehabilitation after diseases, anti-aging and so on.

Physical therapy classification

1. Artificial physical factor therapy


2)Magnetic therapy

3)Light therapy

4)Ultrasound therapy

5)Conduction heat therapy

2. Natural physical factors of the therapy: 

including mineral springs, climate, air, sunlight, sea water therapy

3. Yoga physiotherapy

4. Chinese physiotherapy

 Other Categories

Physical therapy of clinical specialties: such as internal medicine physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, surgical physiotherapy, obstetrics and gynecology physiotherapy, pediatric physical therapy, ophthalmology physiotherapy, ENT physical therapy, stomatology physical therapy, dermatological physical therapy, sports trauma physiotherapy, war wound physical therapy, etc.

Physiotherapy instrument science, physical therapy security protection and physical therapy professional management, such as clinical hospitals, physiotherapy construction standard, equipment standard of recuperation and rehabilitation hospitals, physiotherapy equipment standard of all levels of hospitals, physiotherapy work organization of outpatient and clinical inpatients, physiotherapy work organization of sanatorium and physiotherapy work organization during wartime.


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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