Medical Degree Program in China - Plastic Surgery

 1. Introduction

Plastic Surgery is a branch of surgery, also known as reconstructive surgery. Treatment scope is mainly trauma of skin, muscle and bone, diseases, congenital or acquired defects and deformity of tissues or organs. Treatment includes the repair and reconstruction. Taking surgical method as the main means to have autologous organs transplantation, allograft, xenograft tissue or tissue substitutes to repair tissue defects or deformities caused by a variety of reasons to improve or restore physiological function and appearance.
2. Basic Principles
(1) Sterile operation
(2) Non-invasive technique
(3) Basic operations
(4) Drainage
3. Plastic Surgery Projects
Ocular plastic surgery: double-fold eyelids plastic surgery, pouch dispel (internal and external), correction of the upper eyelid drooping, open the inner and external canthus, correction of inside and outside of eyelid, brow lift.
Rhinoplasty: augmentation rhinoplasty, reshaping the nasal tip and alar shaping, Korean hump nose, correction of crooked nose, wide nasal constriction, narrow nose, upturned nose correction, nasal prosthesis or removing injections, Goretex expanded rhinoplasty, ear cartilage of nose pads, comprehensive rhinoplasty operation.
Rhytidectomy: forehead rhytidectomy, temporal elevation, full facial rhytidectomy, lower facial rhytidectomy, biological rhytidectomy.
Facial plastic surgery: change the face feature, thin face injection, plastic surgery of mandibular angle, mandibular angle osteotomy, mandibular angle combined osteotomy, mandibular plastic surgery, plastic surgery of mandible, grinding mandible, get rid of the masseter muscle, eliminate the buccal fat pad, facial liposuction, forehead filling, jaw shaping, temporal (temple) filling, zygomatic plastic surgery.
Lip plastic: thick lip technique, lip thinning operation, cleft lip repair, dimple plasty.
Oral plastic surgery: oral dental treatment, oral health, oral surgery, orthodontics, ultrasonic scaling, tooth whitening.
Hair plastic surgery: beautiful hair, hair, hair planting, eyebrows planting, eyelash cultivation, beard growing.
Other beauty: ear surgery, removes underarm odor, removes big feet bone, scar removal, mole removal, abdominoplasty
4. Minimally Invasive Project
Injection filling: hyaluronic acid filler, collagen filling, autologous fat filling
Rhytidectomy injection: hyaluronic acid rhytidectomy, Botox rhytidectomy
Injection weight loss: Face lift needle, leg thinning
Noninvasive: laser rhytidectomy, laser rejuvenation, laser whitening, laser face lift, laser hair removal
5. Therapeutic Range
(1). Defects or deformities induced by tumor
(2). Acquired deformity or defect
(3). The defects and deformities caused by severe infection
(4). Cosmetic surgery
(5). Congenital defect and deformity
(6). The deformity or defect caused by unknown reason

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