Medical Degree Program in China - Preventive Dentistry

 1. Introduction

Preventive Dentistry is an important part of oral medicine and has a close relationship with various fields of oral medicine. It continues oral health and improves the quality of life through the prevention of oral diseases. Oral disease is the human common disease, frequently occurring disease, the most common and widespread oral cavity diseases are dental caries, periodontal disease and dental jaw deformity, after years of prevention practice has made very positive effect.
2. Main Content
Clinical oral epidemiology method, oral disease evaluation index, survey method of oral health, detection and early diagnosis technology of dental caries among high risk population, the application method of pit and fissure sealant, preventive resin restoration, non traumatic filling technology, fluoride usage, oral health education, oral clinic and prevention of cross infection, special populations of oral health care, nutrition and food hygiene guide.
3. Classification
Primary prevention is to prevent the disease in the early stage of Pathology, mainly the prevention of cause of disease, to take preventive measures against pathogenic factors.
Secondary prevention: the disease has entered the stage of Pathology, but in the early stages of the disease, also known as "three early" prevention, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.
Tertiary prevention: the disease has been developed to severe and advanced stage, preventing disability and rehabilitation function as the main purpose.

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