Medical Degree Program in China - Preventive Medicine

 1. Introduction

Preventive Medicine is an independent group of subjects from medicine. It takes human groups as the research object, studying disease occurrence and distribution rules and various factors that influence health by using theory of biomedicine, environmental medicine and social medicine, combination of macro and micro methods, to work out prevention strategies and measures to prevent disease and promote health and improve the quality of life. Preventive medicine, as an important part of medicine, is produced and developed in the course of human being's struggle for survival and development, and fight with various factors which are harmful to the health. The traditional concept of preventive medicine contains three different levels of disease prevention: Primary Prevention, also known as pathogeny prevention; Secondary Prevention, also known as preclinical prevention; Tertiary Prevention, also known as clinical prevention.
2. Main Content
Preventive Medicine and Public Health involves more than 20 subjects, including epidemiology, health statistics, health economics, health education, health management, social medicine, infectious diseases, parasitology, vector biology, nutrition, toxicology, disinfection, environmental medicine, occupational medicine, endemic disease, health testing, food hygiene, environmental hygiene, labor hygiene, radiation health, sanitary engineering, children's health, maternal and child health, eugenics, etc.
3. Performed Aspects of Preventive Medicine
New medicine model and new health concept promote the theory research of preventive medicine; modern technology has added vitality to research of preventive medicine, mainly performed in the following aspects:
(1) Epidemiology
(2) Nutrition
(3) Food hygiene
(4) Chronic disease and injury
(5) Military preventive science
(6) Social Medicine
(7) Media biology
(8) Environment and health
(9) Health education
4. Application of Modern Technology in Preventive Medicine
(1). Application of molecular biological methods, such as molecular biomarkers, toxicology, molecular epidemiology and so on have a wide range of application prospects.
(2). Applied research of modern biological technology, such as research of DNA chip technology, environmental genomics and gene polymorphism, makes the development of preventive medicine enter a new stage, opening up a new way of disease control.
(3). Development of biological computer information technology has promoted the development of preventive medicine.

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