Medical Degree Program in China - Psychiatry

 1. Introduction

Psychiatry is an important component of the modern medicine. It mainly studies the issues related to the etiology, pathogenesis, symptom and clinical characteristics and prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders. Modern psychiatry not only relates to the diagnosis and treatment of all mental disease, neurosis, psychosomatic disease or with somatic diseases of mental disorders, also involves adjustment disorder, personality disorder, psychological bias different, and prevent, correct and disposal problems of many other types of children's intelligence, ability, or moral developmental disorders. In theory, modern psychiatry has been involved in several branches of natural science, psychological science and social science, which has been developed to the stage of social and psychological health.
2. Research Methods
Many research methods of psychiatry, such as personality survey, emotional rating scale, can be applied to the investigation and study of psychosomatic diseases, or applied to other clinical departments. In addition, the implementation of the general hospital for health and disease of psychological health counseling and psychotherapy, is the need of the masses, and therefore should be implemented.
Theoretical research on etiology of psychiatry has been extended to psychology, genetics, physiology, psychology, neural psychoendocrinology, psychopharmacology, nerve physiology and biochemistry, etc. In these different fields, the research results about the psychological barrier will promote the advance of basic medical science.

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