Medical Degree Program in China - Public Health

 1. Introduction

Public Health is a subject in accordance with the health policy of "prevention first", to explore human diseases and health related issues from the group angle, (such as relationships of social, psychological and environmental factors and human diseases and healthy), to prevent the occurrence of disease, to control development of disease and promote the health.
Public health has close relationship with management, economics, law and other subjects. On the one hand, a variety of chronic non infectious diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases have been a serious threat to the health and life safety of the people; on the other hand, infectious disease still greatly threat humans, such as AIDS incidence rate is rising year by year and the unexpected non typical pneumonia. The demand for public health services and demand for the quality is higher; the development of public health has cause unprecedented attention.
2. Content
Specific content includes prevention, surveillance and treatment of critical diseases, especially infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis, AIDS, SARS, etc.); the supervision and control of food, medicine, public health, and related health publicity, health education, and immunization.
3. Training Objectives
Public Health is to cultivate senior medical personnel with the basic theory knowledge of public health and preventive medicine and certain working ability in disease control, health supervision, health service management, general medicine, rehabilitation medicine, medical nutrition, being engaged in teaching, scientific research and other public health professional work in public health related school, scientific research institutes and public health related institutions.

4. Main Courses
The curriculum consists of three parts, namely, the public basic course, the medical foundation, the foundation and professional courses of public health.
Public health implements the education mode of wide caliber, thick foundation, shunt in the later years, namely the previous one year and a half is the study of public basic theory, the following two years for medical basis and public health basic theory, in the last one year and a half according to the needs of the community and the talent market, to shunt various professional directions, such as disease control and health supervision, health service management, general medicine, rehabilitation medicine, medical nutrition.
5. Qualification Examination
Public Health Licensing Examination
Public Health Licensing Examination is an access test, and it is an examination that evaluates applicants for physician qualification whether to be equipped with the required professional knowledge and skills of a physician. Public Health Licensing Examination consists of practice skills examination and medical comprehensive written examination.
Multi-station test in taken in the practical skills examination, practical skills examination base is set in the examination district, several examination stations are set according to the content, candidates receive test of practical skills when looping through the stations. Each candidate must be tested at the same test station of the same test base.
6. Employment
Employment agencies include all levels of Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, health supervision units, health administrative units, units of inspection and quarantine, customs, health and maternal and child health care hospital, health education unit, medical colleges and universities and related research institutions.

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