Medical Degree Program in China - Radiodiagnostics

Radiodiagnostics is a new discipline that develops in the field of radiology since the 20th century. Radiodiagnostics is a subject that combines radiological diagnosis and biopsy and clinical treatment, also applying modern means-X-ray diagnosis, to treat some diseases and to obtain data of tissue, bacteriology, physiology and biochemistry, etc. X-ray diagnosis is the main object of the research of radiodiagnostics. Radiodiagnostics is an important research field of modern medicine.

Scope of Study
Radiodiagnostics complies with the development of imaging medicine, mainly studies the contents of computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MRI) diagnosis and interventional radiology, and introduces the development of information. The focus of the study is the basic theory, basic knowledge and skills of the new technology of medical imaging. Main research contents include the system of normal X-ray, CT, MRI and basic pathological changes of X-ray, CT, MIRI performance, and appropriately incorporated into the part of the disease of X-ray, CT and MRI in the diagnosis and in diagnostic radiology discipline system. To master the diagnosis principle and application situation of CT and MRI and familiar with common CT, MRI examination method and its proper use in clinical work, to understand the principle, value, limitation and status of diagnosis method of CT and MRI, to understand the basic principle of digital X-ray imaging, picture archiving and communication system, radiology and clinical application.
Main Course:
Anatomy, histology and embryology, etiology, immunology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, introduction to clinical medicine, internal medicine, surgery, preventive medicine, radiology and protection, diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine,etc

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