Medical Degree Program in China - Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine is an emerging discipline, a new concept in the middle of the twentieth century. Rehabilitation medicine, preventive medicine, health care medicine and clinical medicine are called “four major categories of medicine”. It is a medical science that eliminates and reduces humans’ dysfunction, remedy and reconstruction of loss of function, try to improve and enhance humans’ various functions, that is prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, training and processing of dysfunction. Exercise therapy, occupational therapy is the important content and means of modern rehabilitation medicine.

Rehabilitation Medicine is a medical discipline about the promotion of rehabilitation of the disability and patients, more specifically, rehabilitation medicine is for the purpose of rehabilitation by application of prevention, diagnosis and assessment, treatment, training and processing of dysfunction. Rehabilitation medicine, also known as the third medicine (clinical medicine is the first medicine; preventive medicine is the second medicine). In modern medical system, the prevention, medical treatment and rehabilitation are interconnected, to form a unified body. Rehabilitation medicine begins after the Second World War, with the disabled as the main service objects. Modern rehabilitation medicine is developed rapidly for nearly half a century; its development is the inevitable trend of the development of human medicine, which is also the result of the progress of modern science and technology.
Rehabilitation medicine is a new branch of medicine, mainly involves the use of physical factors and methods (including electricity, light, heat, sound, mechanical equipment and active movement) to diagnose, treat and prevent disability and disease (including pain). The study of rehabilitation medicine allows the sick, injured and disabled to get physical, mental, social and vocational rehabilitation, to eliminate or alleviate dysfunction, and help them realize their residual function, restore the ability of living, the ability to work to return to society. Rehabilitation medicine is a new subject gradually formed by physiotherapy and physical medicine.
Composition of Rehabilitation medicine: 
basic rehabilitation, rehabilitation disability (subject system of the core and pillar) study, clinical rehabilitation evaluation and clinical rehabilitation treatment.

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