Medical Degree Program in China - Rehabilitation Therapy

 1. Introduction

Rehabilitation Therapy mainly cultivates application-oriented specialized technical personnel in the rehabilitation and treatment at hospitals, who can be engaged in the treatment and rehabilitation medicine teaching and research at various rehabilitation departments, and community rehabilitation and prevention work, with the ability of analyzing problems, scientific thinking and independent working, with the preliminary ability of carrying out scientific research at various fields of rehabilitation medicine.

2. Training Objectives

Through the study, students are required to initially master the basic theory knowledge of basic medicine and clinical medicine; master basic skills and methods of prevention and rehabilitation assessment and rehabilitation treatment; master rehabilitation treatment of common diseases and preventive health care and other basic skills; familiar with national health industry and trade as guidelines, policies and regulations; have independent access to knowledge, analysis and problem solving skills and good interpersonal skills; with the preliminary ability of carrying out scientific research work at various fields of rehabilitation medicine. Have a solid basic theory, basic medical knowledge of rehabilitation and related knowledge of natural science, with strong interpersonal and communication skills and good professional ethics, master a solid rehabilitation science and technology, integrating the rehabilitation, medical care, prevention, health care as a whole.

3. Significance 

To train application-oriented specialized technical personnel for rehabilitation treatment

4. Main Courses

Biology, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, science, computer science, medical statistics, literature retrieval sociology, surface anatomy, general of rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation evaluation, rehabilitation engineering, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation psychology, bone rehabilitation, internal medical disease rehabilitation, nerve injury rehabilitation, traditional rehabilitation, etc.

5. Employment Prospect

General hospitals, special hospitals, community hospitals, health care and rehabilitation institutions of various levels for rehabilitation treatment, health care and evaluation, rehabilitation medicine departments of comprehensive hospitals, rehabilitation centers (rehabilitation hospital) for rehabilitation therapists technical work, also including nursing homes, health center, sports hospitals or the infirmary of athletic sports teams, community health service institutions and other units for rehabilitation work.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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