Shanghai Dianji University

Why Study at Shanghai Dianji University,China

Brief Introduction

Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU) is a famous public university of applied technology, with core specialties in engineering and coordinated development of other specialties, such as science, arts, economics, and administration. It is identified as the “Outstanding Engineer Training Project University” in China, even awarded the prize of Outstanding Contribution of National Technical Talents Training. 

1. History

Shanghai Dianji University, founded in 1953, by holding to the spirit of “progressing with undiminished vigor and forever pursuing excellence.” became a key school in the 1950’s and 1960’s under the direct administration of the First Ministry of Mechanical Industry.The creation of “Cai Detai Teaching Method”, which became popular all over the nation, helped the university accumulate precious experiences in education. After inspecting the school in 1958, Liu Shaoqi, China’s former president, confirmed its educational mode“combining school with factory, and focusing on both teaching and production” and praised its achievements. Approved by the former National Educational Committee, the school was one of the three first schools nationwide that had the privilege to start experimenting 5-year higher vocational education. The school has won the titles of “Municipal Model Unit”, “Excellent Unit of Vocational Education in the Nation”, “Key College of National Higher Vocational and Professional Education”, “Model College of Higher Vocational and Professional Education in Shanghai”(one out of eleven), and “Excellent Employment Promotion Collective Body of Shanghai”. In August, 2004, the school was upgraded to a university giving undergraduate courses with the approval of the municipal government of Shanghai.

2. Discipline and Programs

Shanghai Dianji University consists 14 colleges: School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronics& Information, School of Business, School of Foreign Languages, School of Automobile, School of Design&Art, School of Advanced Vocational Technology, School of Marxism(Humanities& Social Sciences), Department of Mathematics& Physics, Department of Physical Education, Further Education College and DeeTech College and China-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing College. In addition, Industrial Training Center and Physical Education Center are in charge of experiments and practical training, physical education respectively. Further Education College is in charge of adult degree education and non-degree training programs. Shanghai Dianji University has 1 graduate program and 34 undergraduate programs. Among it, the Power Electronics and Drive, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation are the key constructing programs in Shanghai. Up till now, there are about 16100 full-time degree and diploma students at school and 165 International students. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Shanghai Dianji University has 2 campuses(main campus: Minhang Campus, the other campus: Lingang Campus), its faculty includes 1 Eastern Scholar, 654 professional teachers, 263 professors and associate professors. The research has real-world impact beyond academia. SDJU is at the forefront of the search for solutions to some for the nation’s most pressing problems, seeking to be a global force for positive change. From the 10 national scientific achievements to 1383 authorized patents, the research team is making a real difference and creation to the quality of people’s lives across the globe. At present, SDJU has 1 national key lab, 1 provincial engineering research center, 1 Shanghai university engineering research center, 1 Shanghai university knowledge service platform, 1 university humanities& social sciences key research base.

4. Great Achievement

At SDJU, a great deal of the inventive success makes a significance breakthrough in modern technology. It manages an active portfolio of 1,896 patents while also evaluating new technologies, pursuing inventions and assisting in SDJU faculty startups.. Since 2010-13, the total amount has been received towards  research projects was over 200 million RMB. At SDJU, various research centers and distinctive institutes are defining the role of a great applied technology university in the 21st century. For the past years, SDJU have won the 2nd Prize of  Scientific and Technological Progress in Ministry of Education, 1st and 2nd Prizes of Chinese University Products in 2010 “Industrial Fair” and even awarded the Excellent University of Patents Application in Shanghai. In 2013, there were 4 research projects sponsored by National Science Foundation of China(NSFC). It brings innovation to business, insight to institutes and an unforgettable experience to those who study with SDJU.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Shanghai Dianji University offers a wide contact with foreign universities, students and teachers. Since 2003, it has actively recruited highly qualified foreign experts and scholars from all over the world. More than 102 foreign teachers & experts have taught in SDJU. Currently, it has cooperated with 14 countries’ 60 excellent universities, such as Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, Alberta University and Durham University. The worldwide partnership improves academic and research level greatly. Furthermore, SDJU prepares students to thrive in global marketplace, SDJU and Halmstad University(Sweden) specifically developed an overseas-study program for graduate students majoring in Electrical Engineering. Approximately 30 graduate students are selected to Halmstad University each year for a period of three months overseas study of “wind power and innovation”. Their study focuses on the entire process of wind farm planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance in the different business areas of wind power corporation. Swedish local government also arranged a wealth of cultural exchange activities such as high school visiting and university visiting. 


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