Shanghai University

Overseas Students at Shanghai University, China

Shanghai University is among the first universities granted the permission by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students, Shanghai University began to admit international students in 1966, and since then more than 20000 international students from 124 countries have studied in the university. There are on campus approximately 4087 long-term international students. Among them, there is 600 Degree-Seeking students. The University has International Students University (ISU), established in 2010, is the heart of international students’ life at Shanghai University. Like a mini united nations, international students from each country of the six continents are represented in the ISU, which was established to assist international students in every aspect of their international life in Shanghai. ISU plans and organizes a variety of fun and interesting activities to make the life in Shanghai more colorful and has become one of the main channels of integration among international students. 


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