Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Canteens in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China

There are altogether eight canteens in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. No.1 Canteen, a traditional dining place, has the lowest price with the same food quality. Lvye Canteen is recommended for excellent breakfast, such as steamed buns with meat and steamed dumplings. Xinyuan Canteen mainly provides southern cuisines. The fresh dishes here vary every day, which is highly praised by the students. A small noodles restaurant has also been set up, where cash can been used for payment. What’s more, a Muslim canteen providing various beef and mutton dishes and noodles is available. International students need to use campus card for having meals in most canteens.

In general, most canteens of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics have southern style flavor, which means the dishes or cuisines are usually a little sweet, except Shengle Dining Hall, where the flavor is mainly spicy. Fengwei canteen has various tastes. Besides, international students may go to Huanqiu Canteen, where west style fast food is available. For the students who like snacks, Xinyuan Canteen, Lvye Canteen and Shengle Canteen are good choices. During Winter Holidays and Summer Holidays, noodles restaurant and Lvye Canteen are still open, but students need to have meals at specific time.


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