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Linfen City, China - Shanxi Normal University Located City


 Linfen as the midpoint of three provincial capitals (Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an City), boasts prominent geographical advantages with convenient transportation. Located in the southwest of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan in the east, adjacent to Changzhi and Jincheng, the Yellow River in the west and across the river in Shaanxi Province. Linfen is named for its location on the shore of Fen River. The geographic coordinates are between latitude 35 °23 and 36 °57'N, longitude 110 °22, 112 °34'E, the maximum longitudinal distance between the north and the south is more than 170 square kilometer, the maximum transverse distance between east and west is about 200km, the total area is 20,275 square kilometer, occupying 13 percent of the whole province. Linfen was the most important military base in ancient time for its siginficant location.

With profound history, Lenfen is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation and the cradle of the Yellow River civilization, and is known as the "first capital of China." It is an important grain and cotton production base in North China, rich in wheat and cotton, etc. The city has formed a diversified industrial system and is an important part of the construction of new energy and industrial base in Shanxi Province, the city is rich in natural resources and is one of the three major high quality coking coal bases in China. There are many kinds of immaterial culture in the city, such as Puzhou Bangzi, Weifeng gongs and drums and other folk art forms, which are known as "the hometown of plum blossom", "the hometown of paper-cut" and "the hometown of gongs and drums".

Besides, Linfen is one of the most important economic cities in southern Shanxi Province. Due to its abundance of mineral resources and water, plant resources,  Linfen has been undergoing increasingly economic growth. Moreover, Linfen ranked 29th in China's 113 key cities for environmental protection in 2009. By the end of 2017, Linfen had a permanent population of 4.4815 million, 23500 more than at the end of 2016. By the end of 2017, 121400 square meters of green land had been added in the Linfen urban district, with a greening coverage of 38.4 square meters and a per capita public green area of 10.53 square meters. The total green area increased to 1.6841 million square meters. The comfortable and clean environment is exactly fitful for citizens and tourists.

Linfen City belongs to semi-arid, semi-humid monsoon climate, which is a temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. You will experience cold winter and hot summer in this city. The main characteristics of the climate in the city are: cold and dry winter, sparsely snowfall; dry and windy spring, rainy autumn; intense hot and heavy rain in summer, interlaced with drought and rain. The annual average temperature is 9.0-12.9 ℃, the precipitation is 420.1-550.6 mm, and the frost-free period is 127-280 days. The average precipitation of the whole city is 756.0 mm. The annual distribution are as follows: early and later waterlogging, heavy snow in winter, lots of rain in autumn.

Population: 4.32 million

Temperature: 9.0-12.9 ℃ (48.2-55.2°F)