Shaoxing University

Why Study at Shaoxing University, China

Shaoxing University is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, with a history of over 100 years. The University comprises 18 schools, offering 55 undergraduate programs in 10 academic disciplines, 3 first-level disciplines for master’s degree and 1 master’s degree granting unit. The University is now home to more than 24,000 full-time students. The Lanting School of Calligraphy is the first of its type ever established in China. It is also the calligraphy education base for both overseas students and Zhejiang Calligraphers Association. The University also has an independent college, Yuanpei College, and 3 affiliated hospitals.

(1) History 
Shaoxing University, established in 1996, its predecessor can be traced back to the primary normal school, which was founded in 1909. Mr. Lu xun served as the superintendent of the shan hui normal school (principal). On May 8, 1980, it was approved by the state council to establish Shaoxing normal college on the basis of Shaoxing normal school. In December 1984, Shaoxing Advanced Professional College was established. In August 1995, Shaoxing normal college merged with Shaoxing Advanced Professional College to form Shaoxing University. In April 1996, after the approval of the state education commission, shaoxing normal college, shaoxing university of staff, and zhejiang radio and TV university shaoxing branch were merged to form Shaoxing University. In August 2013, the school has been approved by the 30th meeting of the academic degree committee of the state council, formally become a master's degree-conferring unit.
(2) Discipline and programs
To date Shaoxing University has 18 secondary schools and one independent school with several programs including ten disciplines, such as economics, law, education, literature, etc. The schools and departments that make up Shaoxing University are: School of Physical Education, School of Chemistry, School of Private Business Management, School of Fine Art, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Economics and Management and so on. The university has 69 undergraduate programs, 12 masters programs, 8 zhejiang province “12th five year” key disciplines, 6 first-class disciplines of zhejiang province. Shaoxing University has 3 national specialties, 3 key specialties of zhejiang province and 10 key construction specialties of zhejiang province.
(3) Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Shaoxing University has 2 Key laboratory of zhejiang province, 1 Key research base of philosophy and social science in zhejiang province, 1 Zhejiang "2011 collaborative innovation center", 2 Zhejiang university innovation team, 1 Zhejiang province key science and technology innovation team and more than 40 university-level scientific research institutions. During the 12th five-year plan period, Shaoxing University has undertaken 424 scientific projects at the provincial and ministerial level, of which 116 are at the national  level; including 1 the national natural foundation of China’s major scientific research instrument development project. The school has won 27 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, including second prize of national technological invention, first prize of outstanding achievements in the seventeenth philosophy and social science and others. The total amount of scientific research is nearly 180 million yuan.
(4) Shaoxing University Achievement
The school is "the second demonstration point project school of the national college English teaching reform", "Zhejiang province application-oriented construction pilot school", "Zhejiang teacher education base", "Pilot units of the first batch of cultural campus construction in zhejiang province". Calligraphy art institute is the first foreign students in colleges and universities in zhejiang province calligraphy education base and the calligraphy creation base of zhejiang province calligrapher's association, college students pioneer park is the first "zhejiang province college students entrepreneurship demonstration base". The college students' discipline competition has won the first prize in the country for many times, ranking the top among the same universities. The initial employment rate of graduates remains above 95%, and the overall satisfaction of graduates ranks among the top universities in the province.
(5) Communication and international cooperation
Shaoxing University with the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and other countries of the colleges and universities set up 48 exchanges and cooperation projects, has established 11 exchanges and cooperation with universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The international education center is an office for international students. The school is active in communication with foreign universities, every year, there are more than 100 people come from other countries and hong kong,macao and taiwan visit and give lectures in the university. On the basis of existing, our school is actively explore improve joint education level, new ways to strengthen communication, to further expand on whole level and scale of foreign exchange, rich campus culture atmosphere and to expand the international influence of our school.
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