Shenyang Aerospace University

Overseas Students at Shenyang Aerospace University, China

International Education College of Shenyang Aerospace University is the centralized department of foreign student enrollment, coordination management, responsible for the propaganda and enrollment of overseas students. At present, There are totally 832 international students from over 76 countries including US, France, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. studying on Shenyang Aerospace University for their Bachelor and Master Degrees in English medium or Chinese medium and the Chinese language program. International students enjoy the good learning environment and colorful life in Shenyang Aerospace University, which also enriches the campus culture and promotes the communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Shenyang Aerospace University has built international academic exchanges and cooperation relationships in scientific research with more than 80 foreign universities and research institutions, such as universities in France, Aviation University in Korea, Siberia Aerospace University in Russia, Amur State University of Technology in Russia and etc.


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