Shenyang Urban Construction University

Why Study at Shenyang Urban Construction University, China

Brief Introduction

Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU), is a full time undergraduate university with registered students of over eleven thousand, providing exclusive degree programs on Architecture Design, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Road Traffic, Project Management, Mechanical Manufacturing, Electronic Information and Art Design.

1. History

Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU), formerly known as Urban Construction College of Shenyang Architectural University, was founded in July 2000. With 13 years of educational experience, it has been approved as a formal independent university by the Ministry of Education in 2013.

2. Discipline and Programs

Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) has 7 departments, 3 colleges (engineering, management and art), 25 undergraduate programs which include Architecture (five years), Civil Engineering and Business Administration, and 11 professional training programs which include Environmental Design, Highway and Bridge Engineering, Numerical Control Technology, and Surveying Engineering, which apply to the needs of national construction industry and urbanization construction, having a distinct industry advantage. After years of development, SYUCU has formed an educational pattern which characterized by architecture and engineering, as well as the mutual development of engineering, management and art.

SYUCU trains students by the assorted training plan based on different orientation such as senior engineer, continuing the postgraduate study, technology innovation, senior management, social activities, and talents, which means students can choose their developing goal according to their habits and specialties to enhance their competitiveness. The Football College was founded to enrich students’ campus lives and train qualified managers for football players.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

The campus of Shenyang Urban Construction University is located in the beautiful, historic and cultured city, — Shenyang. The university lies in the centre of Hunnan district of ‘university town’. Liaoning Provincial Library, Liaoning Science and Technology Museum, and Liaoning Provincial Museum are also within the area. It is located in the new administrative and educational area with convenient transportation, excellent research and innovation environment and cutting-edge energy saving facilities.

The 62 hectare campus with a building area of over 300,000 sq meters holds excellent educational and accommodation facilities. The multimedia classrooms are in the magnificent and grandiose circle type main building which covers 50,000 square meters; The modern library was built by the lake and covers 19000 square meters, containing 800,000 books; The Second Teaching Building and the laboratory covers 280,000 square meters; The International Communication Centre and the Student Activity Centre cover 140,000 and 8,000 square meters respectively. The international standardized plastic playground and the indoor stadium are available to students, providing a comfortable life.

Shenyang Urban Construction University has a total faculty of 500 people, over 80% of the teachers have master degree and above, and 35% of the faculty is professors or associate professors, including the famous teachers and  renowned experts in Liaoning province, many of whom take on the positions in national, provincial, municipal and other academic organizations. The SYUCU has also employed the experienced engineering and technical personnel to ensure the quality of education and training.

4. Great Achievement

Shenyang Urban Construction University exerts its advantages to the research of the construction field and serves the local economy. The university has established research institutes of human inhabitation and settlement environment, stone engineering, structure and engineering material, inner environment evaluation, intelligent construction equipment control, architecture information technology, engineering mechanic application technology, engineering cost, human resources and social security. These researches are full of vigor and have made great achievement.

SYUCU has always taken training applicative and technical talents as educational philosophy. Shenyang Urban Construction University fosters the excellent engineer training plans; attaches great importance to students' practical ability and innovative spirit. The university has established more than 100 internship bases. Twelve sessions of graduates have been employed and they were highly praised by their companies because of their solid theoretical knowledge and skillful practice ability. The employment rate of graduates is always ranked the top among colleges and universities in the province for six consecutive years, and won the Shenyang "employment entrepreneurship advanced unit" title in 2010 and 2011. SYUCU students enjoy a high reputation with the practical spirit in more than one thousand enterprises; the school has become the cradle of future construction engineer.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) actively carries out international cooperation and signed cooperating contract with Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, and proactively initiated contacts with universities in Germany, Australia to broaden the students’ international vision. Shenyang Urban Construction University has also founded the study groups among Chinese students and foreign students to create an international communication chance for the students.


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