Sino-British College, USST

Accommodation in Sino-British College, China

At Sino-British College in Shanghai, students are normally expected to live on campus. Permission may be granted to live off-campus in exceptional cases. International House is conveniently located beside the main gate on Fuxing Road and within 1 minutes walking distance of both the SBC Library and Lecture Theaters. These recently renovated apartments have been installed with essential furniture and equipment, and each room comes with its own separate washbasin, shower and lavatory. Internet connection is available and inexpensive. International House provides accommodation for students from overseas in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

International Students are able to select from single-occupancy, shared 2-bed, shared 3-bed and shared 4-bed apartments. A 24 hour security service makes the International Student Accommodation a very safe environment to live in. A free shuttle service to and from SBC’s main teaching building and the option of a cleaning service also makes it a very comfortable place to live.



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