Medical Degree Program in China - Social Medicine and Health Service Management

 1. Introduction

Social Medicine and Health Service Management is a cross disciplinary group among medicine, social science and management science, including social medicine and health management, health economics, medical insurance, public health policy, health law, hospital management medical ethics as the main subjects and its branches. Social medicine and health service management is based on biological, psychological and social medical model, taking social, community and health institutions as the main research objects, applying the theory and methods of social science and management science to clinical medicine, preventive medicine and health management in the field, tries to reveal the social, cultural, economic and other factors impact on population health; take social measures for the prevention and treatment of disease; to promote the reform and development of health service, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care. The ultimate goal is to improve the health and quality of life of the people, to promote social and economic development.
2. Research
(1) Higher medical education and its management. Main research: medical college disciplines, talent construction, education (teaching) assessment, reform of teaching contents and course system in higher medical, medical learning and thinking training, continuous medical education and management, graduate education management and reform.
(2) Medical scientific research management and research methods. Main research: scientific research project evaluation and research collaboration, medical research resources construction and optimal allocation, scientific and technical team quality and construction, medical technology assessment, medical research design and data analysis, etc.
(3) Health management (hospital management, medical service, health economics). The main research: diagnosis and treatment of hospital quality management, health management quantitative analysis, medical command automation, modern medical research, health economic theory and application, the medical market.
(4) Medical history. Main research: the history of military medicine, the history of medical education, etc.
3. Employment Prospects
Graduates are equipped with modern public management theory and public policy literacy, master advanced analysis methods and technology, proficient in specific policy areas of specialization management researchers and policy analysts, can be engaged in the work of medical insurance and health management in various government economic functions, health administrative departments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other units.
The main units of employment include all levels of disease prevention and control centers, health supervision units, access exit inspection and quarantine departments and other administrative departments and health education, medical, maternity and child care institutions, medical colleges and universities and related research institutes.

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