Soochow University ( Suzhou University )

FAQ about Soochow University, China

1. I really want to study at your University, but I can’t speak Chinese, can I be instructed in English?

Answer: The program is fully English medium program. 

2. Can you send a vehicle to take us from the local airport to the University?

Answer: Suzhou does not have its own airport. Students must travel to neighboring Wuxi’s airport, or Shanghai Hongqiao airport, to take planes. Soochow University do not provide airport pick up service for international students.

3. How can I exchange some Chinese currency for my pocket money when I just arrived in China?

Answer: Students can exchange some Chinese currency in bank for shuttle/bus ticket fare and pocket money in big airport when they arrive in China. And students can buy telephone card from business counter in the airport to give international call and domestic call if students need. 

4. Is learning Chinese language compulsory? 

Answer: Even though the program is taught in English, but international students must study Chinese language according to Ministry of Education, China. International students are required to pass the basic Chinese language level. Students need practice with Chinese patients since clinical classes are taken in hospital. So international students need to know basic Chinese language. Besides, it will be helpful for students in daily life if they learn some Chinese language.

5. Can a student open a Bank Account? 

Answer: Yes, a student could open a bank account in his name to keep his surplus money safe. He could also use this account to have his family remit any additional money as required.

6. How is the climate in Suzhou City?

Answer: Suzhou is under the influence of East Asia Monsoon. The city has a mild and humid climate and is easily accessible by water, land and air traffic. Seasons are distinct, with usually hot summers and plenty of precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature is close to 20℃(68℉). 

7. What is the voltage used in China? 

Answer: The voltage here is 220 V. Converters and power strips may be purchased locally.

8. Useful public contact number in China:

Answer: Fire: 119

Police Station: 110

Time Report: 12117

Telephone Directory: 114

Telephone Repair: 112

Emergency Ambulance: 120

Earthquake Advisory Service: 2042691

9. How about the transportation, telecom and internet in Suzhou City? 

Answer: there are 4 train stations, several metro lines and many buses to most cities in China. There are convenient public facilities for telecom and internet, you can buy telecom card to call in any time and there are lots of internet pub for going on internet. 

10. How is the living standard in Suzhou city? What about the canteen in the University?

Answer: The living expense for students in Soochow University is about 150 USD for your food per month. Canteens of Soochow University provide international students with clean and nutritious, various flavors of food. There are 3 canteens in the main campus, 9 canteens in Dushuhu campus including 1 India canteen, 4 canteens including 1 China-Korea canteen in east campus.

11.  How is China’s Business and Management Education in the world?

Answer: China has become the second largest economic entity, which has made China an influential role in the global economy.



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