Southwest Petroleum University

Why Study at Southwest Petroleum University, China

Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU), the second petroleum university in the People's Republic of China, was founded in 1958, and is now administered and supported by Chinese central government and Sichuan province local government, with the latter playing a bigger role. In 2013, the university was selected as one of the 100 universities in National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China. 
Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU) was originally founded in Sichuan Province and named as Sichuan Petroleum Institute in 1958. In July 1970, by approve of State Council, the institute has changed its name as Southwest Petroleum Institute. In March 2000, the institute was jointly established by the central government and the local people and mainly administered by Sichuan province. In December 2005, Southwest Petroleum Institute was officially changed its name to Southwest Petroleum University.
2. Discipline and Programs
Southwest Petroleum University has 8 subject groups: science, engineering, management, economics, arts, law, education and artistic. 65 programs under those subject groups are qualified to recruit undergraduates; 4 first-level programs and 24 second-level programs are authorized to offer doctoral degrees. 18 first-level programs and 86 second-level programs are authorized to offer master’s degrees. There are 4 postdoctoral research stations, 1 first-level program and 3 second-level programs, which are all recognized as national key programs. The current student body on Southwest Petroleum University includes26,490 undergraduates, 3,801 graduates, 715 PhD candidates and 49 international students. 
3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research
Southwest Petroleum University has a staff of 2,412,of whom 244 are full professors, senior engineers and other senior professionals, and 624 are associate professors, associate senior engineers and other associate senior professionals. The university has 115 scientific researches base on all levels, such as 1 State Key Laboratory, 4 National Engineering Laboratories and R & D Centers, 3 Key Laboratories of Ministry of education, 4 International Science and technology cooperation bases, 1 National University Science Park and so on. The library in the university a has the collection of 2,003,900 volumes. 
4. Great Achievement
Southwest Petroleum University has 115 scientific researches which have undertaken 2,679 government research projects and 3,757 petroleum industry sponsored research projects since the initiation of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan. SWPU has been awarded the grand prize and first prize of “National Science and Technology Progress” and the second prize of “National Science and Technology Progress and Invention”, totaling 133 times; the university has been awarded state-level teaching achievement prizes and ministerial-level teaching achievement prizes, the former amounting to 8 times while the latter 84 times.
5. Communication and International Cooperation
Southwest Petroleum University commits to academic exchanges and research collaboration, the university has established close ties with universities and academic research institutions in the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, etc. With high education level, Southwest Petroleum University has become popular destination country for international students studying degree programs, at present, there are more than 49 international students studying at Southwest Petroleum University.
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