Medical Degree Program in China - Special Medicine

1. Introduction

Special Medicine is a first-level discipline belonging to the category of medical disciplines, with the trend of the rapid development of medicine in micro and macro direction, medical disciplines are in both isolation and cross and integrating related research directions of basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health to form a characteristics subject. Special medicine is the use of medical science, the basic principle and technological method and natural science related theory and practice of knowledge and research in special environmental conditions employed or engaged in other activities of all special health care needs to solve in practice involves a variety of special medical problems. Its ultimate aim is to understand the physiological and pathological changes of human body caused by special environmental conditions from the molecular, cellular and whole level.

2. Application

First-level disciplines of special medicine include aerospace medicine, navigation and diving medicine, radiation and radiation medicine, sports medicine, occupational disease and forensic medicine research direction. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the objective demand of the social development is gradually increased, human activities in the expanding, facing the special environmental conditions and the special profession produces to the human body physiological studies and pathological changes are more and more complicated, and formed a discipline system with distinct characteristics. Therefore, the establishment of special medical disciplines, in order to study the impact of special environment on human body and other major issues has opened up a new space for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of related diseases to lay a new foundation for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

3. Program Content

1) Research objects

2) Theory

3) Knowledge base

4) Research methods

4. Subject Scope

1) Aviation and space medicine

2) Navigation and diving medicine

3) Radiation medicine

4) Sports medicine

5) Occupational diseases

6) Forensic science.


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