Medical Degree Program in China - Sports Medicine

1. Introduction

Sports Medicine is a comprehensive application discipline that combines medicine and sports, studying sports related medical problems, using medical knowledge and technology to medically guide and supervise sports participants, to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of injury, to protect sporters’ health, to enhance physical fitness and improve athletic performance.

2. Main Content

(1). Sports medical supervision. Study the health status, sports ability and the influencing factors of sporters, research and solve the prevention and treatment of motion sickness, the elimination of fatigue, movement and environment, selection of athletes, athletes self supervision and stimulants problems of sports competition.

(2).Sports injury recovery. Study the law of the occurrence of sports injuries, mechanism, prevention and control measures and rehabilitation training and other issues.

(3). Sports nutrition. Study the rational use of food to meet the needs of the human body, in order to improve the ability to exercise. 

(4). Medical sports. Study the use of various sports means to prevent and control injuries, especially the sports therapy of the common diseases.


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