Medical Degree Program in China - Surgery

 1. Introduction

Surgery is the surgical diseases research, development and clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of science, is the main treatment means of professional departments with surgical excision and repair. With the application of microsurgical techniques, surgery has got a great development. The hospital surgical specialist setting principles is similar to the Department of internal medicine. Surgical diseases are divided into five major categories: trauma, infection, tumor, deformity and dysfunction.
2. Surgical Classification:
General surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, urology surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, burns, and plastic surgery, microsurgery.

3. Surgical Disease: 
Operation scope expanded to all parts of the body and to the deep, difficult development, so the surgery is made finer division of labor, within the scope of surgery in addition to general surgery (including abdominal surgery), established the department of the brain, chest, cardiovascular, urinary, orthopedic, surgery, trauma, burns, cancer, pediatric surgery and Neurosurgery, some of them even establishing microsurgical organ transplant specialist.
4. Research field of surgery:
Basic surgery, Nephrourology, Pediatric surgery, Vascular surgery, Plastic surgery, Imaging, mergency surgery, Operation management, intensive care, Intestinal surgery, Abdominal surgery, Hepatic and biliary pancreatic surgery, Digestive surgery, Endocrine surgery, Cancer treatment, Head and Neck, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, Microsurgery, Orthopeadic Surgery
5. Employment Prospects
After graduating from surgery, students mainly go to the higher medical institutions and medical research institutions and other departments to be engaged in basic medicine teaching, scientific research and the experimental research work of combination of basic and clinical medicine.

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