Taishan Medical University

Why Study Medicine at Taishan Medical University, China

Brief Introduction

Taishan Medical University was founded in 1891 as the Medical School of Huamei Hospital. The university passed the first round of undergraduate course teaching evaluation by the ministry of education and got good grades. The school is the first pilot university of outstanding doctor education training project by the ministry of education and the ministry of health (now health development planning commission); applied characteristic school project construction unit of Shandong Province; the national ministry of education and health development planning commission's pilot university of clinical medicine postgraduate training pattern reform; clinical medicine undergraduate discipline is the first professional comprehensive reform pilot project to the ministry of education.

1. History

Taishan Medical University was founded in 1891 as the Medical School of Huamei Hospital. The university was co-founded with Gonghe Medical School in 1903 which was called Medical college of Qilu university later. In 1952, the Medical College of Qilu University merged with Shandong Medical College which was founded in 1932 formed the new Shandong Medical College (the campus located in Jinan city). In 1970, Shandong Medical College merged with Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and moved to the Loude district of Xintai county of Tai’an city (the rear office in Jinan city). The Loude Branch College of Shandong Medical College was founded in 1974 and then was moved to Tai’an City in 1979. Its name was changed into the Tai’an Branch College of Shandong Medical College. With the approval of the State Council in 1981, its name was then changed to Taishan Medical University.

2. Discipline Construction

The university has 17 colleges with 39 undergraduate disciplines such as Clinical Medicine, Radiology College, Nursing College, Pharmacy College, TMC college, Pharmacy Engineering college, Medical Inspection technique College, Preventive Medicine College, Health Inspection and Quarantine College and so on. There are 4 state-level characteristic disciplines, 8 provincial characteristic disciplines, 3 pilot programs of Shandong province outstanding engineers education. There are 43 provincial fine courses, 2 provincial bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; "Clinical medicine undergraduate majors' 5 + 3 'training mode innovation experimental area"  is the provincial level. There are four first-grade discipline master degree authorization centers, 36 academic master's degree authorization centers, 22 professional master's degree authorization centers. Taishan Medical University also offers adult higher education courses (Correspondence courses and Evening College): Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Medical Laboratory Science and so on. Those who participate in and pass the foreign language exam of the Shandong Province Adult Higher Education Degree program and the main courses exam will be awarded degree certificates. On-the-job training includes health industry vocational skills training projects of the Ministry of Health, and continuing education training to health workers, family planning workers and rural health workers.

3. Excellent Faculty

There are 1,100 full-time teachers, 2700 clinical teachers of 14 affiliated hospitals, of which 1900 are associate professors and above, 20 enjoy special governmental allowances financed by the State Council. There are 15 young outstanding contribution experts and the best medical system talents of Shandong province, 7 state teachers of excellence, 8 famous provincial teachers, 6 famous provincial teaching teams and 2 professors titled “Taishan Scholar”, 2 Taishan scholar overseas experts, 4 experts of Important Lab of Shandong Universities. Taishan Medical University also has 15 academicians serving as the university’s professors.

4. Campus Overview

Taishan Medical University covers an area of 500 acres with a gross floor area of 780,000 square meters. The university now has fixed assets valued at CNY 1.39 billion, the teaching, science and research equipment has a total value of 169 million CNY. The students have access to 2,660,000 books; The University has 1,500 faculty and staff members.

The total number of undergraduates and college students now exceeds 23,000 plus 700 postgraduates. There are also 900 international students from 11 countries and regions such as Asia, Africa, America and so on.

5. Affiliated Hospitals

Taishan Medical University has 14 affiliated hospitals, including 1 directly affiliated hospital and 13 non-directly affiliated hospitals, like the first Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University, situated at the foot of magnificent Mount Tai, is a first-class ternary general hospital with integration of medical service, teaching, scientific research, emergent first-aid, disease prevention and health care as well as rehabilitation. It embodies complete major setup, abundant technology, advanced medical equipment and high quality service. Other types of practice teaching bases exceed 250.

6. Significant Achievements

Pharmacology, Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine and Pathogenic Biology are Provincial key disciplines of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, among which Pharmacology is provincial characteristic key discipline; Medical Imaging, Geriatrics and Epilepsy Diagnosis , Biochemistry are provincial key disciplines of Medical and Health; The laboratory of Cerebral Microcirculation and laboratory of Atherosclerosis are provincial key laboratories of the Twelfth Five-Year; Cellular Immunology Laboratory and Epidemiology Laboratory are key Laboratories of medicine and health in Shandong province. Pathology & Pathophysiology and neurology hold a provincial “Taishan Scholar” position. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", we have undertaken 874 science and research projects, of which 44 are national level projects, 123 are provincial level projects and 301 are municipal level projects. Taishan Medical University received 120 scientific research awards, published more than 1090 scientific and teaching research articles, of which 171 were retrieved in SCI and EI. Our University has published over 72 written textbooks and got 67 patents.

7. Communication and Cooperation

Taishan Medical University has established relatively stable academic exchange and cooperation with 22 countries and regions. We actively carried out cooperation with foreign countries and enterprises, we trained students who are major in clinical medicine, medical imaging, nursing, pharmacy, marketing with Britain, South Korea and other countries well-known colleges and universities. In the year 2010, the university was listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the Medical Undergraduate Education (offered in English) Institutions for overseas students. In June 2011, the university was authorized by national Hanban to hold tests for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). The university was recognized as one of the first 16 academies and colleges to accept the overseas student scholarship issued by Shandong Province.



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