Medical Degree Program in China - TCM Engineering

 1. Introduction

TCM engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary discipline with the development of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as modern science and technology infiltrating into all areas. TCM engineering combines the principle and method of the modern natural science and technology and engineering technology with traditional Chinese medicine closely, studies the basic theory, mechanism and system of traditional Chinese medicine, and implements the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. It conducts a research on medical science with its remarkable engineering characteristics and advanced modern science and technology.

2. Content


It is a subject that studies the problem of mechanics in biology, and it is an interdisciplinary subject that is permeated by the other subjects such as mechanics, biology, and medicine and so on. It can be divided into bone mechanics, joint mechanics, soft tissue mechanics and rheology, etc. These contents and traditional Chinese medicine has a close relationship, such as the diagnosis and treatment of pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, massage, orthopedic, repair and orthopedic guiding teeth, soft tissue injuries, diseases of the circulatory system need biomechanical knowledge.

3. Technologies Involved

Electronic computer

System theory


Information theory

4. Current Situation of Engineering Research

Engineering research on basic theory of traditional Chinese Medicine

Engineering research on tongue diagnosis of TCM

Engineering research on TCM pulse diagnosis


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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