Medical Degree Program in China - TCM Regimen

 1. Introduction

TCM Regimen refers to medical activities to keep fit, enhance physical fitness, prevent disease through various methods, so as to prolong life. Traditional Chinese medicine regimen focuses on the overall and systematic, the purpose is to prevent disease, cure disease. The representative works of famous Chinese medicine theory is the "Huangdi Neijing". The so-called "life", is survival and growth; the so-called cultivating is maintenance. In short, regimen is to maintain the meaning of life. Taking traditional Chinese medicine theory as a guide, follow the Yin Yang and the five elements biochemical use, conduct scientific nursing on the human body, to maintain the vitality of life and health.

2. Concept of Health Preserving

Traditional Chinese medicine regimen mainly includes the prevention view, the overall view, the balanced view, the dialectical view.

1). Prevention before the disease, preserving health before getting old

2). Correspondence between man and universe, with both appearance and spirit

3). Adjust Yin and Yang, remedy defects and rectify errors.

4). Dynamic, still rules and appropriate harmonious.

3. Deep Thought

First, the concept of harmony between man and nature.

Second, the balance of Yin and Yang Health concept.

Third, the overall concept of the unity of body and mind.

4. Influencing Factors

First, TCM regimen focus on virtue, which is the most important condition of health and longevity.

The second key factor of regimen is to carry out regular exercise.

The third point is to maintain mental, emotional, and mental health.

Healthy, balanced diet is also an essential factor in health.

5. Main Methods

TCM mainly include: meridian health, physical health, qigong regimen, sports regimen, emotional regimen, sleep regimen, environmental regimen, living regimen, diet health, clockwise health, four seasons health, music entertainment health, body parts health, medicine health, bathing regimen, reducing drug regimen, static spirit health, yoga regimen and other content, sleep, convenience, diet.

6. Characteristic Therapy






Medicated diet

7. Basic Principles

Coordination of internal organs

Unimpeded channels and collaterals

Quietness cultivates the spirit

Regulating breath and cultivating Qi


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