Tianjin Chengjian University

Why Study at Tianjin Chengjian University, China

Established in 1978, Tianjin Chengjian University is a general institution of higher learning that provides education services specially for those engaged in urban construction field. Tianjin Chengjian University covers an area of 1021.5 Mu, with a building area of 641,600 square meters.

(1) Teaching staff

Tianjin Chengjian University now has 862 full-time teachers, including 125 professors, 316 associate professors, 1 Recipient of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Youth, 1 specially invited professors in Tianjin, 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 14 experts awarded with the title of “expert of special contribution” by the State Council and entitled to government allowance of the State Council.

(2) Schools and Departments

Tianjin Chengjian University is composed of 12 such teaching departments as Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Department of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Department of Art, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Basic Courses, Department of Social Sciences and Department of Physical Education, and such institutions as School of Adult Education and Library.

(3) Scientific research and discipline

Nearly 17,400 students are being admitted on a full-time basis to Tianjin Chengjian University, which provides undergraduates with 37 undergraduates’ specialties covering technology, management, science and liberal arts, etc. There are 12 disciplines authorized to grant master’s degree, 2 key disciplines and 2 key labs of Tianjin, 1 Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education and 1 key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Tianjin. 

(4) Communication and international cooperation

Tianjin Chengjian University attaches high importance to the cooperation and communications with the overseas universities and has established the relationship of cooperation with over thirty universities in over ten countries and regions, such as the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Denmark and UK. Tianjin Chengjian University sincerely welcome overseas students from all over the world to further their education and try their best to offer excellent studying and living environment.


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