Tianjin Medical University

Medical Overseas Students at Tianjin Medical University, China

The International Medical School of Tianjin Medical University was established in 1997 fully serving medical international students. Currently it has 1,079 degree international students from about 60 different countries, which makes the university top rank among all the western medical universities in China. 

The achievements of international student education are made with great concern and strong support of the leadership of the university, Tianjin Education Commission and Ministry of Education. The International Medical School, under the leadership of Dean Fenglin Guo, went through the initial stage and rapid development stage and entered a new stage of healthy and sustainable development with equal stress on scale and quality in common efforts of faculty and administrators. Currently the school is at the stage of strengthening connotative construction, optimizing the system and mechanism of international student education, expanding and strengthening its brand name with high quality.
In order to improve Tianjin Medical University international medical education and communication between alumni, university has set up International Alumni Association. All the international students graduated from the university are welcome to join the association, this communicate plate especially will help alumni and student career and profession development in the future. Preparatory Committee formally started running from September 2009. Committee is collecting alumni’s information; please send your up-date information and contact method by e-mail.
The International Medical School accepts overseas students who would like to study medicine from all countries and regions of the world. International students enjoy various multi-culture activities and festivals, such as “International Culture and Arts Festival”. The school offers teaching in English. The International Medical School of Tianjin Medical University has a pleasant study environment and excellent accommodation and facilities. International students are welcome to come to the university for visit, study, training and research.
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