Tianjin Normal University

Why Study at Tianjin Normal University, China

Brief Introduction

Tianjin Normal University (TNU), established in 1958, is a comprehensive university featuring in teaching and academic excellence. It is the only key educational university in Tianjin.

1. History

Tianjin Normal University (TNU), founded in 1958, was originally named Tianjin Teachers College and was named as Tianjin Normal University in June 1982. In April 1999, with the approval by the Ministry of Education, Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government decided to found the new Tianjin Normal University by integrating the old Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Teachers' Training Academy, and Tianjin Educational Institute. Approved by Tianjin Municipal Government in March 2003, the construction project of the new campus of TNU was officially initiated.

2. Overview of Campus

The area of structure of main campus covers 860,000 square meters. This new campus features impressive modern architectures with excellent, modern learning facilities. The original Balitai campus in downtown area is near the Water Park, Olympic Stadium, and Tianjin TV tower. With convenient transportation and attractive living and dining services, this campus is the best choice for international students to study at.

3. Excellent Faculty

The faculty of Tianjin Normal University is rated highly by international students for their warm, honest manner, patience, meticulous care and excellent teaching skills. Ninety-five percent of the teaching staff has overseas teaching experience for over a year. Tianjin Normal University sets up “professionalization and specialization” as her working motto and aims at meeting any possible demands from international students.

4. Discipline Construction and Programs

Tianjin Normal University offers a full range of disciplines and provides excellent educational equipment. Tianjin Normal University has student credits exchange programs with over 20 well-known overseas universities. Tianjin Normal University now offers 68 undergraduate programs, 6 doctorate programs of first grade disciplines, 28 master programs of first grade disciplines, 13 professional master’s degree programs, and 7 post-doctorate research work mobile stations.

5. International Education and Recruitment

Tianjin Normal University offers four International Standard courses of Business Administration (International Business Administration), Accounting (International Accounting), Pre-school Education (International Pre-school Education), Applied Physic. Based on the multilateral cooperation with Universities of UK, USA and Australia, Tianjin Normal University and agreement universities complement the International standard of mutual recognition of credits and double-degree awarding. Students can study under the cross-cultural background with the English teaching courses. This program provides professional courses with wide adaptability and international curriculum system which are favored by international students.

More importantly, Tianjin Normal University has built up its own administration system with recruitment, education and living service in one chain. Tianjin Normal University hopes that through the contributions they are making to cooperative exchanges between Chinese and foreign educational institutions they can serve as a bridge between different cultures by enhancing effective communication among them, furthering the development of friendship among all nations.

6. Honors and Achievements

Tianjin Normal University has won approximately one hundred collective and individual accolades, including the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, national civilized unit, national labor certificate of merit, national model teachers, national outstanding educators and nomination award of national moral models.

Tianjin Normal University now has Humanities and Social Sciences research base of Ministry of Education, the national development and training base of multimedia technology, the national education base of university students cultural quality, the national training base of primary and middle school core teachers, key research base of humanities and social science of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, full-time personnel training base of ideological and political education team in Tianjin City. There are 2 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 2 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers in Tianjin City, 5 construction units of Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers in Tianjin City and 6 excellent Teaching Laboratories of Higher Education in Tianjin City.

7. International Communication and Cooperation

Tianjin Normal University values international exchanges and international students’ education. It has established cooperative ties with 130 famous universities from more than 35 countries and areas. Tianjin Normal University has 50 history of international students’ enrollment. With rich experience in international students’ teaching, Tianjin Normal University is the demonstration base school for international students studying in China authorized by Chinese ministry of Education; the university receiving international students funded by Chinese Government Scholarship, Huawei Scholarship, Excellent International Students Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship; the university receiving Ministry of Education exemption Hong Kong and Macau students; Tianjin Normal University enjoys quite high prestige in international student education. Tianjin Normal University offers places for over 3100 international students from more than 50 countries and for over 110 students from Hong Kong, Macaw and Taiwan every year. The total scale of the international students ranks the first among all the colleges and universities in Tianjin from the year 2007 to 2012.

Among all the international students, Tianjin Normal University has alumni become Ambassadors and high officials in education. Many international students won prizes in various contests for international students in China and in Tianjin.

Tianjin Normal University welcomes International students from all around the world!


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