Tianjin University of Commerce

Why Study at Tianjin University of Commerce, China

Brief Introduction

Tianjin University of Commerce (TUC), founded in 1980, was formerly affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce, and is now under the administration of Tianjin Municipality. As an institution of higher education, it focuses on business studies, incorporating other disciplines like management, economics, engineering, law, liberal arts, science and arts. With the rapid economic and social development of Tianjin City in recent years as well as the fast development of its neighboring districts, its internal and external environments have been further improved, providing better conditions for the teachers and students in their teaching, research, study and life.

1. Overview of Campus

Tianjin University of Commerce is located by the Ziya River in Tianjin and covers an area of 600,000 m2 including 500,000 m2 of teaching and dormitory space. The campus is clean and tidy with first-rate facilities providing excellent conditions for working, studying and researching.

2. Schools and Programs

Tianjin University of Commerce consists of 15 schools (namely School of Business Studies, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Biological Technology & Food Science, School of Economics, School of Information Engineering, School of Law, School of Public Management, School of Foreign Languages, TUC-FIU Cooperative School, School of International Education, School of Science, School of Arts, School of Designing, School of Continuing Education & Senior Vocational Education, and School of Marxism) and 3 teaching departments. Besides, it also has many research institutes (centers), including an institute of economics, an institute of marine drugs and foods, an institute of refrigeration, a comprehensive business designing institute, a research institute of modern Japan, an institute of economic information, and a research center of enterprise social responsibility. Now, the University offers 52 undergraduate specialties and 66 master’s degree programs, with more than 23,000 students.

3. Strong Faculty

Tianjin University of Commerce has a strong team of faculty and staff engaged in teaching, scientific research and management. Of its 961 full-time teachers, about 500 have senior academic titles, with over 130 professors. In the past 5 years, it has undertaken over 300 national and provincial (municipal) research projects and 200 horizontal research topics, with more than 400 textbooks or monographs, and over 3,000 academic papers published, and more than 30 national and provincial awards obtained in teaching and scientific research.

4. Great Educational Infrastructure

The library of the university has a total building space of 10,000 m2 with a collection of 1,430,000 books in Chinese and other languages and 1,800 periodicals. The library can seat 1,000 people and there is also an electronic reading room, in which 12 databases in Chinese and foreign languages are available for teachers and students.

The new library is one of the biggest and most effective libraries among the universities in Tianjin. Journals such as the Journal of Tianjin University of Commerce, The Newspaper of Tianjin University of Commerce and Higher Education Research are published here. In the area of the construction of the branches of learning and specialties, the University centers on the need for economic development for business talents, takes the need as a basis to cultivate talents with sound basic knowledge, broad, extensive points of views on principles, and high quality. In 2003 the university enrolled the students according to the branches of learning and took the opportunity to make adjustments to the specialties and courses structures and enriched them. The university also improves the patterns of the talents' cultivation and provides a new platform for a people's all-round development.

5. Researches and Achievements

Tianjin University of Commerce persists in catering to the needs of the society and cultivating versatile and enterprising talents who are capable of combining business sense with professional ability, knowledge learning with practice, and integrity with innovation. In teaching and scientific research, the University has set up a series of effectively managerial systems. A group of courses were appraised the excellent courses in Tianjin and many achievements were appraised excellent teaching achievements. During the last 3 years, the university has taken 50 important scientific research projects at national or provincial levels, published 215 teaching materials and 3,000 theses, 20 of which have been cited by SCI,. Nearly 100 staff members have exchanged their teaching or scientific achievements in academic conferences at home or abroad.

6. International Communication and Cooperation

Tianjin University of Commerce has been actively engaged in international communication and cooperation, and in constantly learning from advanced school-running experience from abroad. It has established cooperative partnership with over 30 universities in America, Japan, Korea, France and Australia, and carried out various forms of communication with them to improve its level of education and management. At the same time, the university sends teachers and students to study in the U.S.A., Russia, Japan, Australia, Singapore in order to promote the university's internationalization and to form an international education pattern of cooperating closely and developing together with good quality overseas education resources. 



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