Tianjin University of Technology and Education

Overseas Students at Tianjin University of Technology and Education, China

At present, 131 international students from many countries and regions are studying in Tianjin University of Technology and Education. International Exchange Office is mainly in charge of university's international affairs, including employment of foreign teachers, acceptance and management of international students, reception of visiting delegations and groups, construction and management of Confucius Institute, foreign-aid base construction, etc. Now the office has 10 staff and is directly under the leadership of vice-president Miao Dehua.

In recent years, cooperation and communications is conducted with universities in the US, Japan, South Korea, the UK, and Australia etc. Tianjin University of Technology and Education also recruits students with Chinese Government Scholarship. International undergraduate and graduate students currently studying in Tianjin University of Technology and Education come from Ukraine, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Vietnam etc.
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