Medical Degree Program in China - Tropical Medicine

 1. Introduction

Tropical Medicine is a special subject studying treatment and prevention of tropical diseases established in the study of the combination of the general internal medicine and health science. Tropical medicine is established in order to meet the needs of the exploration to tropical area and the frequent contact between temperate and tropical areas.
2. Main Content
(1). Basis of tropical medicine
(2).Diseases caused by microorganism
Viral disease, chlamydia disease, mycoplasma disease, rickettsial disease, bartonella disease, bacterial disease, leptospirosis, fungal disease
(3) Diseases caused by parasites
Protozoal disease, nematodes, trematodes, tapeworm disease, macracanthorhynchosis, larva migrans
(4). Diseases caused by other reasons
Lack of nutrition, tropical blood disease, diseases caused by high temperature
(5). various diseases of the tropical and subtropical regions
Internal medicine diseases, surgical diseases and infections, orthopedic diseases, pediatric diseases, disease of gynecology and obstetrics, skin diseases, ENT diseases, nervous system diseases, urinary and reproductive system diseases, tropical diseases
(6). Relationship between tropical medical animals and diseases
arthropod overview, relationship between diplopoda and chilopoda animals and disease, relationship between medical crustaceans and disease, relationship between arachnids and disease, relationship between insecta animals and disease and diseases caused by other arthropods, relationship between medical mollusks and disease.
(7). Tropical toxic animal and plant poisoning
(8). Laboratory diagnosis of tropical diseases

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