University of Jinan

Overseas Students at University of Jinan, China

In recent years, University of Jinan has been actively developing its international student’s education. As the first undergraduate foreign students, six students from Indonesia graduated from our university on June 2007. On October 2004, International Institute of Education was founded to promote the education of foreign students which is dedicated to students’ enrollment, administration and management as well as Chinese teaching and cultural promotion. Based on the Chinese language levels of the foreign students, International Institute of Education operates all types of long and short term Chinese classes and implements seminars with no more than 6 students per class. It provides students with various training programs, including fundamental Chinese, oral Chinese, reading, listening, writing, audiovisual courses given by experienced foreign language teachers. Meanwhile, the school operates year-round learning and experiencing classes of Chinese cultures, such as calligraphy, tai chi, cooking, folk musical instruments, introduction to China, Chinese history and Confucianism lectures.

To enhance the logistics service infrastructure and better accommodate the foreign students, the school transformed the department of foreign experts into students’ apartment in 2007. New students’ apartments are equipped with full and perfect a living facility, which have greatly improved accommodation conditions and is well appraised by foreign students. Under the guidance of the relevant national policies regarding foreign education, University of Jinan will adhere to the direction of international education, perfect management and insure quality. It will also actively and steadily develop international students’ education to cultivate talented persons for all countries and develop friendship, cooperation and exchanges with people from other countries.


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