Medical Degree Program in China - Urology

Urology is a medical science focusing on the study of male and female urinary tract and male reproductive system, mainly from the surgical subdivision. For both men and women, urinary tract and reproductive tract are closely related; the diseases caused by these two tracts often affect each other. Urology can be further subdivided into a variety of sub-specialties, such as urinary oncology, urinary tract stones, urinary dysfunction, pediatric urinary tract, sexual dysfunction, male infertility and so on.

Organs covered by Urology include kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra, and the reproductive system.
Diagnosis and treatment scope of Urology: prostatitis; prostatic hyperplasia; prostate cancer; urinary tract infection (urethritis, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, gonorrhea, non gonococcal urethritis); urinary calculi; kidney cancer, ureter cancer, bladder cancer; urinary incontinence and other urological diseases, varicocele, hydrocele of tunica vaginalis, hydrocele of testis tunica vaginalis, spermatic cord hydrocele of tunica vaginalis, communicating hydrocele testis; female urology: urinary tract infection, urethral caruncle, urinary incontinence, bladder overactive and so on.
Urologists also engage in evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence. Urodynamics is a series of instrument of measuring urinary flow, storage and pressure changes, and urologists often use uroflowmetry graph, the bladder pressure portrayed figure or portable urine power meter as a reference to the treatment of patients.

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