Why study BDS, BChD - Dental Surgery in China


Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or program in the field of Dentistry. It is popularly known as B.D.S. or BChD or BDentS, Which is an abbreviated from of Bachelor of Dental Surgery. In some countries, it is named  Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), the DDS and DMD are the same degrees as BDS. BDS is one among the most preferred field in medical science, BDS enable one to become a qualified Dentist, in general it takes between 5-6 years in many Medical Universities in China, final year of it is internship in hospital. After fulfill the internship, International students go through the final examination and receive BDS degree certificate if pass the exam. BDS curriculum in china is currently among attracting program for international students, this program is taught in English Medium in some of Chinese Medical Universities. Excellence Medical education are strongly linked with the increasing the demand of international students to join Chinese BDS program. 

Today Chinese dental program have been reviewed towards international standards. The Core Courses in BDS Curriculum in China include General anatomy, Histology and embryology, General pharmacology, physiology, General pathology, Bi-chemistry, Oral microbiology and tooth morphology

General medicine, Prosthodontics, General surgery, Operative dentistry,  Oral pathology, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Science of dental materials, Community and preventive dentistry, Periodontology and oral medicine, orthodontics Those courses are taught in English with outstanding teachers.  

The following are among the main reasons to undertake BDS program in China: 

Quality of BDS Program

Medical universities with BDS program in China are ranked in the best Medical universities worldwide. This reputation comes from the quality of English medium BDS program, and the used of modern technology in dentistry. Since English medium BDS program started in China a lot of international students have been graduated, now have good jobs in their home countries, and other countries. The success and appreciation of English medium BDS program of the past graduates who are now working as dentists and in other related domain is one of the major reasons which make new international students to join BDS program in China.

Higher Caliber Teachers in BDS program 

Having experienced teachers/Professors give BDS program in China a best choice for international students. Today Medical schools in china invest in recruitment of professors with high ability and who have a good reputation worldwide. This makes China to become the most favorable destination for international students in Medical fields. 

Good Infrastructure and Laboratories with High Standard Materials 

Almost all Medical Colleges in China have modern educational infrastructures, Medical courses need very good Laboratories where the students practice what they have been learn in class. All Medical Colleges with BDS program in China have all requirements in terms of teaching-learning materials. 

Lower Cost

Currently, affordable medical education cost in China has been reported by parents and students as one factor of choosing studying BDS program in China. Compared to other medical universities in the world, China Medical schools are ranked among the Medical schools with low tuition fees and other related cost; this makes parents to send their children to study in China because there are sure that they will afford medical education cost than elsewhere. In BDS program here in China each course have its own book written in English

Good Living and Learning Environment 

China Medical schools have libraries with enough Medical Books written in English, Computer Labs used by students in their everyday studies where they have an access to extra electronic books. In BDS program students have computer courses where they get advance use of computer programs. Dormitories for international students meet international standards where only two students share a room in most universities with BDS program in China. 

All those advantages that international students benefits in Medical schools in china makes BDS English program to be among the option preferable for a big number of international students.  

BDS Admission Eligibility Requirements in China:

An applicant who is ( a ) minimum a high secondary graduate with good health and without criminal record  (b) Applicants must have passed Senior High School ( Grade 12) or equivalent , (c) minimum 60% score in English and science subjects (PCB): Physics, Chemistry, Biology respectively (d) applicants should be used to right hand to operate

BDS Admission Document Required in China:

English version scan of document by email attachment as below:

(1). scan of Certificate of Senior Higher School or above, (2). along with Transcript (mark result slip), (3). scan copy of Passport (or ID if PP is not available), (4). Passport size picture 




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