History Degree Program in China - World History

1. Introduction

World History generally refers to the sum of history on the earth since the humans appear, although the world history itself appears before the emergence of human civilization exists, but humans really use this concept to study and tell the history till modern.

Early history of the world cannot account for the history beyond their own civilization, so it is necessary to discover the modern geography of the future to find the real history of the world. History of the world according to different time periods can be divided into ancient history, modern history, and modern history; according to the different area can be divided into different regions of the history; according to the different things can is divided into the history of different things.

2. Training Objectives

This program develops talents of historiography with systematic basic knowledge, further training potential, and senior application-oriented, compound talents who can be engaged in state organs, culture and education, press and publishing, cultural files and all kinds of institutions for actual work.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of history science, receive basic training in basic historical facts and historical research of Chinese history and world history development, and possess the basic ability required to engage in professional work.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of history, and have a certain understanding of social science, human science and natural science;

2). Master the basic research methods and analytical methods of history;

3). with the ability to engage in historical research and strong oral and written skills; 

4). Familiar with the basic knowledge of ancient philology, bibliography, phonology, historical data, historical geography and Archaeology etc.

5). understand the important theoretical frontier and development trends of the historiography circle;

6). Master the basic method of literature search, data query.

5. Main Subjects


6. Main courses

General history of the world, general history of China, world history of civilization, an introduction to historiography, western historiography, China historiography, historical geography, ancient Chinese, Chinese and foreign history literature and selected readings on history.

The main practical teaching: including the visit, social survey, social welfare activities, world history academic exchanges, etc., generally arrangement is about 15 weeks, in order to improve the overall quality of students and practical ability

Among teaching methods, in addition to conventional teaching, the program arranges a number of lectures, academic reports, student debate, speech competitions, sports competitions and other activities.

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in institutions of higher learning, scientific research departments, state organs, press and publication, and other cultural institutions or cultural relics and archaeological research, museums and other units.


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