Wuhan Institute of Technology

Why Study at Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Wuhan Institute of Technology founded in 1972, is located at the centre of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone, the Optics Valley of China. As a young and dynamic university, Wuhan Institute of Technology distinguishes itself as a leading role in the field of engineering and technology in the south-centre of China. Today, it is home to around 22,000 registered students. Education is student-centered and competency-based, and is closely linked to high-quality, original scientific research.

(1) History

Wuhan Institute of Technology, originally named as Hubei Petrochemical Institute was under the administration of Hubei Province when it was established in June 1972 . It was renamed to Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology and was put under the administration of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry of the Central Government in March 1980 with the permission of the former Ministry of Education . As a result of the readjustment of the management system for colleges in July 1998, it has been put under the joint administration of central and local authorities with the stress on the latter. The university was renamed as Wuhan Institute of Technology with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial Government in February 2006. In November the same year, it received the national evaluation launched by the Ministry of Education of China, on undergraduate teaching quality and it won an A , the top grade of the evaluation. After 37 years’ endeavor, the university has become a multi-disciplinary university with its own characteristics, fine teaching environment, and advanced research level.

(2) Discipline and program

Wuhan Institute of Technology has 16 subordinate schools, one department and one research institute and one independent( attached) college. There are 48 specialties classified into 6 categories, namely engineering, science, management, economics, arts and law, with engineering, management and science as the key disciplines, all of which cover more than 3 subordinate disciplines. Wuhan Institute of Technology boasts 1 national level excellent course, 1 national level distinguishing specialty, 6 Hubei Provincial-level brand specialties , 15 provincial-level key disciplines; among those, 11 specialties have been appraised as Chutian Scholar Disciplines by the provincial government( these disciplines have the right to employ scholars around the world ,which is financially sponsored by the local government). The university also has 70 master degree programs and 8 doctorate degree programmes co-offered with other research institutes and universities , granted by Hubei province.

(3) Teaching Faculty

Wuhan Institute of Technology has 1793 faculty and staff, among them, there are 1115 teachers and scientific researchers, 530 persons have senior professional titles, 242 professors. There are 964 full-time teachers, of whom 46.5% have senior professional titles. Among them there are 650 professors and associate professors, 167 doctors of philosophy which accounts for 17.3% of the total teaching staff , 521 masters of science and arts, 69.7% of the total number of teachers. Among the teachers, one has been selected into the list of the National Project : “Thousands of Talents”; one has obtained the national outstanding youth fund for science; 2 have been selected as candidates of Talent Project of New Century of the Ministry of Education of China, 29 have been chosen as Hubei High-level Talents of the New Century ; 2 as Famous Teachers of Hubei Higher Educational Institutions, 5 outstanding teachers above provincial level; 40 teachers enjoy the State Department’s allowance and Provincial government’s allowance; 17 middle-aged and young experts have made outstanding contributions to the provincial level; One is the receiver of Outstanding Youth Fund of the Ministry of Education of China; 6 professors are specially employed as “Chutian Scholar project” professors, and 1 “Chutian Scholar”.

(4) Communication and international cooperation

Wuhan Institute of Technology attaches great importance to cooperation and exchange with foreign higher education institutions and corporations. The university has established close cooperative relationship with USA MU-Columbia , Alberta University , University of Ottawa, University Paris 13, etc. A large number of experts, scholars and professors have been invited to have come to our university to visit and to do research. As an exchange, Wuhan Institute of Technology has sent 165 teachers to higher education institutions and research institutes of 24 countries and regions to further study , to receive special training or attend international conferences, to visit and to cooperate in scientific research. In recent years, Wuhan Institute of Technology has signed 13 project agreements with foreign counterparts.


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