Wuhan Textile University

Overseas Students at Wuhan Textile University, China

At present, 175 international students from many countries and regions are studying at Wuhan Textile University. WTU attaches great importance to international education and has established cooperative ties with nearly 50 universities and research institutes across the world. Since 2010, Wuhan Textile University successfully hosted exciting and influential international activities in the areas of Textiles and Fashion, such as Wuhan International Fashion Week, the International Forum on Modern Textile Science & Technology, and the International Academic Conference on 3D Fabric & Application.

Wuhan Textile University actively promotes International Education for the individual. To date, almost 500 international students from 70 countries and regions have studied at the university for short or long-term periods in a variety of disciplines. This initiative offers broad and far-reaching opportunities for leadership development and success in the promotion of teaching, scientific research, and international exchange at all levels of the educational spectrum.

In 2014, WTU was commissioned to cultivate the international students who received a Chinese Government Scholarship, awarded by the Ministry of Education of the PRC.



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