Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Why Study at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) as one of the 100 key construction universities in the country 's central and western colleges and universities, is credited as “Double First Class University” and key comprehensive university in Hubei province. Besides, the first national engineering research center and  the first national key laboratory were setted in this university. There are 32 research institutes and 1 Grade 3A affiliated hospital and 4 non-affiliated hospitals. As of April 2016, the total area of the school campus is 1.7093 million square meters and the building floor area is 1.0415 million square meters. The number of  full-time students has reached more than 30, 000.

In 1898 (the end of Qing Dynasty), Governor Zhang Zhidong of Hubei province and Hunan province ordered Qing government to approve Hubei Institute of  Technology. After the inheritance and development of Hubei secondary industrial school, Hubei first-class industrial school, Hanyang advanced industrial vocational school and other schools, the Wuhan iron and Steel Institute was set up by the State Council of People's Republic of China and started to start the undergraduate education in 1958. In 1978, it opened graduate education and was granted the master degree programs units in China. On April 28th 1999, it was renamed as Wuhan University of Science and Technology  approved by National Education Department and  the government of Hubei province. On Novermber 14th 2013, the goverment of Hubei province and educational department cooperated with six large enterprises to establish this university, which symbolized Wuhan University of Science and Technology offically added into High-level university programs. In 2016, it won the approval of the second phase of the "Construction of basic capacity of Universities in the Middle and West of China"
(2)Discipline and programs
At present, WUST has 15 institutes and departments containing 69 majors. Until Novermber of 2015, the school was authorized unit of first-level discipline doctorate, a postdoctoral research mobile station, with 36 second-level authorized subjects  doctorate degree, 20 first-level authorized subjects master degree; There are one national key (nurturing) discipline-Material Science, 10 provincial key primary disciplines which are respectively Material Science, Ferrous Metallurg, Mechanical Design and Theory, Control Theory and Control Engineering, mechatronic engineering, computer application technology, chemical technology, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Environmental Engineering, Applied Mathematics and 5 provincial key (nurturing) level 1 disciplines (covering 72 secondary disciplines). The multi-level talents training system for undergraduate education amd graduate education has been formed.
(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research
As of June 2015, the school library has collected more than 221 million books. The total area of the school campus is 1.7093 million square meters and the building floor area is 1.0415 million square meters. As of 2015, the university has built the state key laboratory in Hubei Province, the "State key Laboratory of Refractory and Metallurgy", which was jointly built by the Ministry of Provincial Affairs. It has 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 1 Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, 8 provincial key laboratories, 3 provincial key scientific research bases of humanities and social sciences, 1 provincial engineering research center and 2 provincial engineering and technical research centers. The school has a national collaborative innovation center (joint) and two Hubei collaborative innovation centers.
(4)Wuhan University of Science and Technology Achievement
As of May 2014, Wuhan University of Science and Technology hosted and assumed the national "973", "863", the "Eleventh Five-Year" Science and Technology support Project, National Natural Science and Technology. Of the 170 state-level projects, including key projects of the school fund, have won more than 80 awards for achievements in science and technology (social sciences) at the provincial and ministerial levels and above, and have won 16 national awards for scientific and technological achievements for eight consecutive years (of which, 1 is the first prize for national scientific and technological progress, 12 are the second prizes, three National second Prize for technological inventions,  which was ranked at 67th place in universities and colleges in the world in terms of its inventions.
(5)Communication and international cooperation
Wuhan University of Science and Technology has established a solid cooperative relationship with more than 30 universities and scientific research institutes in Australia, Germany, the United States, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The university is cooperating with the American university of Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong in the field of electronic information engineering (undergraduate education project), with the university of Deacon, Australia, in the field of mechanical engineering (undergraduate education project), and with the Yee on institute of technology in Singapore Major in logistics management (specialized education project). Famous scholars at home and abroad are invited to serve as honorary professors and adjunct professors of the school. A large number of foreign experts are invited to teach, lecture. It has established a comprehensive cooperative relationship with more than 20 large enterprises such as WISCO, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co.
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