Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Medical Internship at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Medical internship or clinical rotation is required for international students who studying MBBS at Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The last year for MBBS is internship or ration after five years’ basic medicine and clinical medicine courses studies. 

Wuhan University of Science and Technology boasts 35 in total, including 22 affiliated hospitals, 8 centers for disease control and prevention, and 5 pharmaceutical companies. These hospitals include Tianyou Hospital (also known as WUST College of Clinical Medicine), The Central Hospital of Xiaogan City, Wugang General  Hosptial, Wuhan Hanyang Hospital, Wuhan Puren Hospital, Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, WUST Hospital (maximum 7,800 in-patients in above hospitals)
International students will have a big improvement in medical practical skills after one year internship or ration in these affiliated hospitals. In order to get the clinical medicine and surgery of Bachelor degree, international students need to pass relative examination after one year’s internship or ration. What’s more, internship or ration will helps international students to be a qualified doctor in the future. 
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