Xi'an Technological University

Why Study at Xi'an Technological University, China

Brief Introduction
Xi’an Technological University (XATU) is the only research university characterized by ordnance industry and centered on engineering with the harmonious development in science, liberal arts, economy, management and laws in northwest China. It is also the member of The Seven Schools of the Ordnance Industry Department under the command of former Ministry of Ordnance Industry. Now, it is the co-cooperation university with State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and China North Industries Group Corporation. Along over 60 years development, it has built the rounded talents cultivating system in bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree. To carry forward the spirit of elaborate work and wide technology, it pays more attention to training students’ military spirits and strengthening engineering practices. Over 110,000 advanced professional talents were trained for the development in local economy and national defense industries.
1. History
Xi’an Technological University was founded in 1955, originally known as the Xi’An Second Industrial School. It has the distinct feature in military and engineering. In 1956. Chairman Mao Zedong even met the school president for the outstanding achievements in teaching and research in technology and engineering. Many high-quality professional students were trained for national defense industry, especially the students from optical instrument manufacturing, precision machinery manufacturing and wireless programs made a great contribution to national defense. Through the hard works, it renamed as Xi’An Technological University in 2006. Just in 2015, it celebrated the 60th anniversary. Since then, it obtained the military standard quality management system certificate, and later, it became the first co-construction university with State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence. The national defense science and research is the firm direction in the future development.
2. Discipline and Programs
Xi’an Technological University has 12 colleges and departments, and provides 55 undergraduate programs, 15 postgraduate programs, 3 doctoral programs, and 3 post-doctoral programs. These programs cover 8 discipline categories in engineering, science, management, economy, laws, literature, pedagogy and arts. The Optimal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science and Engineering became the doctoral programs in 2013, it was a milestone in the past 60 more years development. Now, there are 7 programs included in provincial preponderant disciplines projects, 6 programs are in the Excellent Engineer Educational Training Plan. Besides, there are 6 national characteristic programs and 9 provincial characteristic programs. It forms a discipline system which is focused on engineering, emphasis on military industry and balanced with multidisciplinary development gradually. In 2017, there are 1510 postgraduate students and doctoral students, 19,000 undergraduate students. Nearly 20 overseas students from over 14 countries study the short-term Chinese programs or degree programs here. The international programs like mechanical engineering and computer science have a big progress in many aspects.
3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research
Xi’an Technological University possesses over 1750 faculty now, in which has 483 senior professional teachers, 2 national excellent teachers, 3 experts of  the global recruitment program, 14 provincial star teachers, and 5 top talents of provincial key fields. The Metal Material Engineering program has the national teaching team. Upon over 60 years developments, there are 4 campuses(Jinhua campus, Weiyang campus, Hongqing campus and Yanta campus). It has 3 national and 17 provincial key labs and engineering centers for developing optics, machinery and materials. At present, it opens 1 national and 12 provincial experimental model centers, 1 national engineering practice center. The library has over 1.57 million books , including 3698 types paper magazines, 34900 types E-magazines and 12 E-Databases. The E-Databases have 5 Chinese databases, 7 foreign language databases(Science Direct Online, Ei Village, Springer Ebook, SPIE, ASME, Emerald and SCI), and 2 self-building databases. The rich resources give every student a convenient experience of school service community.
4. Great Achievement
Xi’an Technological University has awarded 22 provincial teaching achievements in recent decade(2 special prizes and 9 first prizes). Meanwhile, it won the first prize in Shaanxi Province Excellent Campus Culture Performance in consecutive seven years. In 2014, it even awarded the Creation Prize of Shaanxi Province Culture and Ideology, which was the only one in Shaanxi province, As the national key labs base, it held thousands of projects in science researches, and owned a series of key technologies in national defense with independent intellectual property rights. Nearly three years, it has won 1 national prize for progress in science and technology, 39 provincial science and technology achievements, published over 1600 high-quality papers, approved 456 authorized patents. Over the few decades, the alumni covers military and political circle, education circle and business circle, such as the Army General Lei Guangyin and Chinese calligrapher Liu Zidu.
5. Communication and International Cooperation
Xi’an Technological University is active in international cooperation for better development in exchange talents and technologies. Over 40 overseas universities from 14 countries have been cooperated with XATU. It has built the “2+2 Double Degrees Program”with four American universities(Lawrence Technological University, New Mexico State University, Eastern New Mexico University, and Rockford College), after Chinese students finished the former two years study in XATU, then they can study in these foreign universities for finishing the final two years undergraduate study to obtain the bachelor degree certificates from XATU and the foreign universities. Besides these American universities, it has also communicated with France for pushing the “4+2 Bachelor to Master Program”and “2+2 Double Degrees Program”development. In 2008, it built the inter-school cooperation with Université de Metz and Université de Paris 13 Nord, etc. At present, it provides the degree-seeking programs and  Chinese language program for international students. The degree-seeking programs have three programs taught in English in mechanical engineering, material engineering and computer science and technology. Many foreign teachers brings students different ideas and knowledge, some of them even awarded honors for their excellent work. The Japanese professor Mitsunobu Makino received the Sanqin Friendship Award, which was the highest honor for foreign experts contribution in developing Shaanxi province economy and society. The close communications between XATU and international partners has attracted many international students to study here.
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