Yangtze University

Why Study at Yangtze University, China

Brief Introduction  

Yangtze University is a university in Jingzhou and Wuhan, in Hubei province, China. It was created by merging Jianghan Petroleum University, Hubei Agricultural University, Jingzhou Teacher's University, and Hubei Medical Staff College in 2003. The main campus is in Jingzhou, with a new campus built in Wuhan. The school has established cooperation with some Chinese oil companies.

1. History 

In April, 2003, upon the approval of the Education Ministry of the People's Republic of China , Yangtze University, a new tertiary institution, was established upon the merger of the former Jianghan Petroleum Institute, Hubei Agricultural College, Jingzhou Teacher's College and Hubei Provincial Vocational Medical College . Its history can trace back to 1930s.  

2. Discipline and programs 

There are 16 Hubei Brand Programs with Geological resource and geological engineering, Crop Science, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Mechatronic Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management, Physics, Computer Science and Technology, Plant Protection, Landscape Architecture, Clinical Medicine, Aquaculture Science, Education and Chinese Literature. 

The 4 disciplines of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Geophysics, Landscape Architecture, Geological Resource and Geological Engineering rank in top 10 in China. Yangtze University has its distinctive research features in Petroleum Science and Technology, Water Logging and Wetland Agriculture, studies of Jingchu culture and etc.

3. Academic facilities and Scientific research 

Yangtze University currently employs over 3080 faculty members, including more than 334 professors and 849 associate professors. There are about 74 national laboratories and experimental centers, 342 practice base at inside and outside of the University, teaching and research equipment with total value of CNY490 million. Yangtze University has a largest library which has a collection of books over 3.35 million, 10000GB electronic document, and more than 2456 kinds of magazine, 68 Chinese or foreign journals and full-text data base. Yangtze University has built stadium, comprehensive training hall, swimming pool and soccer, tennis and other venues, all kinds of sports venues and facilities.

In the past three years, the school has hosted and undertook 2235 research projects of various types. Among them, 136 items of National Natural Science Fund, 11 items of social science fund project, 97 items of national programs or projects including“973” program, National Science and technology support program, National Science and technology major project, the national public sector specific research.

4. Great achievements 

Yangtze University has won 66 items of provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement awards, including the a national technology invention award;14 national and provincial excellent teaching achievement awards; published 203 academic writings and over 6805 papers, 1101 of which was included by three retrieval SCI, EI and ISTP.

5. Communication and international cooperation 

Yangtze University attaches great importance to communication and international, it is the demonstration unit of the national cooperative education and Hubei Province Petroleum postgraduate innovation base. it has established school-enterprise collaborative relations with 40 domestic oil companies and 82 government and local enterprises at or above the county level, and has established cooperative relations with nearly 40 institutions such as the United States, Britain, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, to carry out exchanges and cooperation with experts and scholars visits. Yangtze University also send students to study in the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Russia and other countries, at the same time recruit overseas students from over 26 countries such as the United States, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan, Nepal, Garner to study in china.



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