Yangzhou University

Admission at Yangzhou University, China for International Education

Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium:

Yangzhou University admits foreign students in specialties taught in English: (i) Chemistry & Chemical, (ii) Automotive Engineering, (iii) Software Engineering, (iv) Animal Science,  (v) International Business.

1. Qualifications for applicants: 

(1). Applicants should hold the secondary school certificate, be in good health condition and under the age of thirty. 

(2). Applicants should have sufficient English proficiency. Applicants with basic Chinese language ability are most welcome. 

2. Application Materials

(1). Application Form

(2). Scan copy of English version Certificate of Senior Higher School or Highest Academic Degree

(3). Scan copy of Transcript (mark result slip)

(4). Scan copy of Passport (or ID if PP is not available)

3. Study Duration &Tuition Fee:

All undergraduate programs at Yangzhou University take 4 years.  

Tuition fees are 16,000CNY/year

4. Intake Every Year:

September Intake



The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!